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I love using pieces from my scrap wood pile to create beautiful, functional items. Using scrap would is a good way to declutter your work space and save money!

Find Your Scraps

We started this project in the scrap wood pile. I found useable 2x4's and 1x3's. If you have the right tools and supplies you can use most any wood you might have.

To determine the size we wanted we used a large flower pot as a template. We started by building two square frames with the 2x4's. We secured by using exterior screws and drilling pilot holes go avoid cracking the wood. If you only have interior screws you can use them, but know that over time they will rust.

We made the planter box without any plans or instructions so there were quite a few brainstorming breaks. Once the top and bottom frame were constructed we had to figure out how to build legs and a bottom support. I originally wanted to use chunks cut from the 2x4's as legs, but that idea did not pan out.

We ultimately decided to use the 1x3's on the outside of the box as legs. If we were to secure the legs on the inside it would leave less room for the pot. I chose a leg height of about 3 inches so there was room for water to drain without standing still on the wood. When the legs were in place we brainstormed a design for the sides of then planter box. I originally wanted to do vertical lines, but I ended up not liking the spacing.

ln the end, I chose to do one horizontal 1x3 centered between the 2x4's. This created dimension and interest, while still being able to hide the pot.

When the box was complete I stained it. I regretted that decision shortly after. Since we used scrap wood, no piece was perfect and the stain was really emphasising that. I used wood filler to even out the damaged pieces and fill in screw holes before painting it white. I'm so pleased with the final product, especially since it cost us $0!

Suggested materials:

  • Saw  (Home Depot)
  • Exterior screws  (Ace Hardware)
  • Chalk paint  (Home Depot)
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