How to decoupage napkins on lampshade ?


I have a old table lamp on my porch. I wanted to decoupage some napkins to the shade to brighten up my porch. Does this hold up outside? It is a screened in porch.

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  • William William on May 15, 2020

    Should hold up once sealed and dry

  • on May 15, 2020

    I know our porch gets pretty damp during storms. I’d be concerned that the napkins would get too wet and fall apart.

  • Cindy Cindy on May 15, 2020

    Hi Louise. Begin with a clean surface. Use a foam brush to apply mod podge on the lamp. (work in small areas at a time) If you're using napkins, pull the top layer off of them. Only use the top ply. You could cut different shapes from the napkin if you like. Or you could rip different shapes by hand for a less formal look. OK, so apply the mod podge first. Then put your napkin on top of it. Continue this process until you have a large section complete. Then go over the work with a layer of mod podge. Continue till you're done. Once the top layer of mod podge is dry, add another coat. Do this until you have 3 or 4 layers of mod podge on it. I would put a couple layers of sealer on it, since it will be outside. Good luck Louise. Stay well.

  • Betsy Betsy on May 15, 2020

    Hi Louise: If you protect it from humidity, it should hold up.

    If you get wrinkles, try this: Lightly sand the streaks with 400 grit sandpaper. This will not destroy the finish, but just polish the clear coat. Don't use decoupage glue as a top coat. Apply several thin coats, rather than one thick coat. Use a foam brush instead of a bristled brush.

    Some say that The best varnish to use is gloss, as no matter how many coats you use it doesn't go cloudy. Some say matte. I guess it's up to you and the look you want. Good luck

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    • Betsy Betsy on May 16, 2020

      Here are a couple of sites that may help:

      This one is neat:

      Hope this helps. Oh, as an after thought, you might want to waterproof both sides, front and back, so that the humidity doesn't sneak in from the other side :)

  • Maybe you could use the outdoor mod podge?

  • Homeroad Homeroad on May 22, 2020

    You can use Mod Podge to decoupage single sheets of decorative napkins to the lampshade. They do make an outdoor version of Mod Podge however I am not sure the napkin would hold up.