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How to weight the bottom of my fabric shower curtain to keep it out of



I have a stall shower where I have a cloth curtain with a vinyl liner. The cloth curtain keeps getting wet and mildewed. Should I add length and weight to the curtain to keep it outside the sill ? It's getting ruined and I really like it. I've already bought a longer liner. Suggestions ?

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  • Gk

    Do you have a bathroom fan? If so, leaving to run for about 20 minutes after you shower will remove more moisture from the air. Perhaps you could put up a Command hook and when you shower pull up the fabric shower curtain so it's away from the shower pan and it doesn't get wet. The vinyl liner should keep the shower water in the shower.

  • Have you tried shower splash guards? They would help to keep the liner inside and the curtain outside.

  • Making it longer and weighting it might work, so long as it's not too long that could trip on it when walking in and out of the tub. Is it possible to push the curtain aside while showering and just keep the liner closed. Then when done you could pull the curtain back? Or readjust the shower head so it points away from the curtain?

  • Ken Erickson
    21 hours ago

    The liner should keep water off of the cloth curtain. You could adjust the curtain rod so the cloth reaches the floor and should stay outside the shower. You could install a second rod to give some distance between the 2.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    18 hours ago

    Try the weights fishermen put on line or metal washers.

  • We've used metal washers for the same purpose. Good luck!

  • Dee
    16 hours ago

    I solved that problem with Large magnets. They stick to the outside of the tub and I leave the liner that also has magnets inside the tub.

  • J
    15 hours ago

    I have a shower similar to yours, I use a plastic clothes pin to clip the bottom up when we shower and after we shake the plastic curtain of the excess water we unpin them.

  • Homeroad
    3 hours ago

    Are you able to lower the bar that holds the curtain?

  • Carol
    Just now

    Any kind of curtain loop and hook that will draw the fabric away and to the side of the linerwhile you shower will keep it dry ... kinda like a drapery tie-back. Then, you can lower it into position again when you are done.

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