Asked on May 24, 2020

Hanging solar string lights?



I would like to hang solar string lights over my patio. How do I attach them to my house? And how do I put a pole up to string them to? How high should the pole be? How high should the pole be? How do I put the pole in the garage? I don't want to cement it in. thanks

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  • They should be high enough so no one can walk into them. As for stringing them, set pvc pipes or posts in large planters or buckets of concrete - making as many as you need to string your lights. Here's a link:

  • William
    on May 24, 2020

    I go for the planters since you don't want to cement them. You can use 3M Command hooks to attach them to the house.

  • Flipturn
    on May 24, 2020

    Keep in mind that in order for solar lights to work the best, they should be facing into the direct sunlight; not underneath a cover, or in the shade.

  • Vimarhonor
    on May 24, 2020

    My son placed painted to match his deck - narrow wood lengths to extend upwards his deck corners to hand electrical decorative lights. The height woukd depend on your placement design-if you were crisscrossing or draping and your height. Some eyebolts might be an option to use on the boards and your home.

  • J
    on May 24, 2020

    I filled large flower pots (drill a few small holes for water to escape around the bottom... it keeps the pots from breaking because of freezing water in the concrete during the winter) with concrete to mount cut off pvc pipes a few inches from the rim of pot centered in the middle. When concrete set, I inserted 10 ft long 2x2 inch poles with screw hooks inserted at top. Just hang the light strings on hooks and you are set. I also left a few inches of space on top of concrete to put dirt and plant annuals.

  • Carol
    on May 24, 2020

    I would not use Command hooks on your siding. They will not hold the weight of the string lights, and they will come crashing to the ground. I found that out hanging Christmas lights. The sticky adhesive strips are just not strong enough for outdoor use, no matter which size hooks you use, and cooler weather will make them let go as well. I purchased a bag of plastic siding clips from Ace Hardware. They pop up under the siding. The only thing is you cannot over pull while hanging, or they will pull out from under the siding. Having a second pair of hands helps with that, and even using 2 hooks side by side prevents them from pulling out. I've had no issues with them, and they are less than $3.00 for a box of 20 clips.

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