How do i fix up this ugly table?


We have this IKEA dining table. We don't want to replace it because of how the size fits our small space. The table pulls out into a long table, thanks to the underlays. This makes it perfect for when we entertain.

Since we have such a small space, this table is used for just about everything. Aside from eating at it, it's most used for my and sometimes my son's art projects (which is why it's splattered with gold leaf and paint). So I would like to fix it up so it's 1- not so boring looking, and 2- doesn't look so beaten up. But it will also need to be able to take a beating. I've been nervous to do anything with it, yet, and have been checking out some ideas on here, but I can't decide on what could be best for us.

As for style, we've been moving towards a slightly more boho- look, though not so layered since there's three of us sharing this two- roomed apartment. So while we want more colour and patterns, they need to be cohesive as to not overwhelm our space.

We also have 4 boring black wooden IKEA chairs, which I'd be up for doing something with.

q how do i fix up this ugly table
q how do i fix up this ugly table
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