3 Materials
1 Week

We bought A cabin kit so we could build our own cabin.

my husband John, my son Shayne and we put it together in under a week. Thank goodness for scaffolding!

We had a engineer draw up and approve the plans, that were supplied by Bavarian Cottages, so we could meet the building requirements and get a building permit. We hired a company to come in and Install screw piles and beams.

Special thanks to Paula and Michael of Bavarian Cottages for all their help, advice and constant availability via phone or text!

The cabin

The cabin once the outside was done. It still needs its side deck and stairs and the ceiling needs insulation and tongue and groove put in but the outside is done and the inside is varathaned.

Screw in pilings and support beams. First inspection of footings. Passed.

All the material is delivered!

Framing the floor

I was insulating while my son and husband laid the subfloor

End of day 1 second inspection, floor and insulation both passed.

Walls going up. The building is like a “Lincoln Log” Set, each piece notched to fit together.

Front going on.


Loft support wall.

Looking down from the loft.

End of day 2. 1st framing inspection. Passed.

Back wall up.

Main engineered roof beam going in.

Our son was the only one tall enough to apply pressure and get the beam into the notch!

End of day 3. Structural inspection, passed.

Day 4: 2 x 10 Roof joists up.

Strapping on. Framing inspection, passed.

Day 5. Metal roof going on.

Building exterior is done. Engineering inspection, passed.

Stained. Dark oak.

Stain done.

Inside is varathaned.

Now we wait for electricians to wire it, before we are allowed to put in insulation, and have another building inspection.

Suggested materials:

  • Wood cottage kit  (Bavarian Cottages, Kamloops BC)
  • Scaffolding  (Ladders)
  • Stain.

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  • Miriam I
    on Jun 29, 2020

    I'm so inspired. Thank you for sharing!

  • William
    on Jun 30, 2020

    It was a lot of fun. We split up in twos. Everyone one had a specific job. Had an amazing barbeque as payment after

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