Asked on Jul 1, 2020

Old Shirt Turns Fun No-Sew Pillow!

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Turn a men's dress shirt into cute holiday decor!

Red, white and blue just screams summer to me and I love decorating for the 4th and I am always looking for a budget friendly project!

I found a men's dress shirt at the goodwill for $1.50 on clearance and had an idea. I picked up some small flags at Hobby Lobby. I decided to try to make a new no-sew pillow for the 4th on the cheap!

I sized up the shirt with a pillow insert to get and approximate size that I wanted.

Then I cut the shirt down to size.

I turned the shirt inside out and grabbed the Stitch Witchery.

I only had 2 open sides that needed to be closed up. I added the Stitch Witchery along the edges where I wanted a "seam".

Then I simply ironed the edges . I made several slow passes to make sure the two sides fused together.

I let the shirt cool completely before turning it right side out.

Next, I took my mini flag apart. I cut off the white edge.

I covered the back edges of the flag with some more Stitch Witchery.

I placed the flag where I wanted it on my pillow cover.

I ironed the flag on, making slow passes with the iron. I let it cool for several minutes.

I stuffed my insert into the cover. I used the buttons for a closure.

I think this is a cute detail on the back.

Now I have a cute pillow I can use for the 4th and all summer long!

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