Asked on Jul 10, 2020

Painting siding to look like shiplap?

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Anyone have success painting Hardie siding (cement board) like shiplap? Looking to paint the side of my garage that faces patio and outdoor kitchen. Would like to give it more of an indoor, rustic shiplap look. Thanks!

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  • Ken Erickson
    on Jul 10, 2020

    I would do a base color and then maybe use a different paint that is wiped off leaving trace amounts of the second coat.

    on Jul 10, 2020

    can you share a photo? That would help with ideas and tips! :)

  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    on Jul 10, 2020

    Here's a tutorial on how to make any wall look like shiplap: Good luck!

  • Gk
    on Jul 10, 2020

    You could paint it with a white/offwhite and then dry brush a brown or gray over the white to get a textured look if you have smooth Hardie board lap siding. My Hardie board lap siding is wood textured rather than smooth so I could wipe on/wipe off another color to accent the texture or I could do dry brush. The paint I used to originally paint my siding was Sherwin Williams Endurance. Very good paint. No fading after 10 years. It is rated for 25 years before I need to repaint.

  • Cynthia H
    on Jul 10, 2020

    Are there already grooves or a texture? You could easily paint horizontal lines to give it faux grooves. Good luck and stay safe!

  • Morgan McBride
    on Jul 10, 2020

    Hmm what's different than just being white?

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Jul 10, 2020

    Which Hardie siding do you have? Might be easier to lay up Hardie backer board over it. Picture please.

  • Cindy
    on Jul 11, 2020

    Hi Carrie. I would paint it a soft white first. All it to dry. Then come back with painter's tape to create very thin lines. Next comes a dark color to paint over the painter's tape creating the shiplap lines. Carrie, you also might want to think about a sealer. I hope this helps you. Good luck.

  • Johnavallance82
    on Jul 11, 2020

    Hello Carrie,

    You will need to draw a dark line along the top of the shiplap and an even thicker on under the shiplap to give it that appearance. BEST WISHES

  • Vimarhonor
    on Jul 11, 2020

    There are some project showing how to do you faux shiplap using a sharpie for the interior perhaps that idea can translate to outdoor with paint that is suitable for exterior use and UV resistant.

  • Simple Nature Decor
    on Jul 15, 2020

    Are you taking about fake ship lap, a technique called faux is what you mean. ps://

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