How To Paint Glass Jars Like A Boss

3 Materials
1 Hour

My dad repurposed pickle jars before there were blogs and Youtube. His parents and grandparents lived during/through the Depression. My dad will appreciate how to paint glass jars. After all, I am a third-generation re-purpose enthusiast. Dad here is how to paint glass jars so you can take those pickle jars up a notch.

I know what you might be thinking: everyone knows how to paint glass jars.That’s what my son told me. I get it, this is not a faux paint finish from the late 1990's.It is paint and a glass jar.

Supplies Needed

  • glass jars (clean + dry)
  • spray paint
  • mask

This is pretty simple. I always use the brand below with a matte or flat finish and a built-in primer.

Choose Fun Glass Jars or Re-purpose Candle Jars

When I buy candles I always go for the shape of the candle jar over the scent. I loved this candle’s shape, but unfortunately, the candle did not smell tranquil.

Clean Glass Jars

I bought several because of the cute glass jars. After removing the labels and the waxy film and wick using this technique I was ready to paint the glass jars.

Assembly Line

Tip: When I whip out my spray paint I like to set up an assembly line of whatever I plan to paint. In this case, I had a 1/2 dozen glass jars ready to paint.Grab a mask too.

Spray the Inside of the Glass Jar & Wear Mask

But on a whim I decided to go crazy and spray the inside of the glass jar.Put on your mask because there is an updraft of fumes when you spray into the jar. Spraying the inside of the jar vs. the outside of the jar was a completely different finish. The finished glass jar looks professional grade smooth. The spray paint process is more forgiving when the drips or misses are on the inside of the jar too.

I tried to capture a side by side, but it was hard to show the exterior side version. But the interior spray technique gave the jar this smooth finish. The jar in the background was painted on the outside where you can see it has more of a flat finish.

Line Jar if ....

Tip: If you plan to serve snacks or candy in your freshly painted glass jars add a cupcake liner or coffee filter. They work great and make for easy cleanup!I love the look! Am I the last to know this technique?

Repurposed Candle Jars

I love the finish. Please click the link below for other easy and inexpensive one hour projects.

Suggested materials:

  • Rustoleum Paint + Primter  (Local Hardware Store)
  • All purpose cleaner  (Already had it)
  • Mask  (Hardware Store)

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  • Cindy Carter Ott-Bales
    on Jul 17, 2020

    I love this! I didn't know what I had saved all those jars for til now. But, I didn't see where you explained the technique for removing the wicks and waxy residue. Did I miss something?

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  • Kacee
    on Jul 17, 2020

    I will definely try this. Love both painting techniques. Time is round up some jars.😍

  • Dawn Valadez-Szolack
    on Jul 18, 2020

    I love recycling anything that can be used and be unique too. Love it!

    • Everyday Edits
      7 days ago

      Thank you Dawn! Who knew spraying the interior would yield such a professional finish! I love these type of projects! laura

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