Water marks on a wooden desk

I have water ring marks on my wood desk. Do I have to sand off all the varnish to remove the marks? PLEASE help me!😞
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  • Vicki K Vicki K on Aug 29, 2014
    My mother always smeared mayonnaise (Miracle Whip actually) on the rings, and in the morning, they were gone, and she wiped the remaining mayo off and buffed it good. I think the oil soaks into the water-bleached ring and somehow brings back the original wood stain. But I don't know why! You need to re-seal the top with Minwax polycrylic,( sand to rough up a bit, use a foam brush & long sure even strokes, do not repeat strokes. Let cure for at least 5 days before using. If you desire more than one coat of sealer, sand lightly, tack cloth the dust off, and apply a second coat. Satin is a good choice of shine).
  • Melissa Sabo Melissa Sabo on Aug 30, 2014
    The mayonnaise trick really does work. Take a look online. The trick is to cover the entire surface with it, not just the water mark. It's amazing!!
  • Quilt_stitches Quilt_stitches on Aug 30, 2014
    I tried the mayo on my oak table and the ring was gone
  • Faye Campbell Faye Campbell on Aug 30, 2014
    There's a product on the market called Jasco Furniture White Ring Remover. It's a cloth that has a residue imbedded in it (waxy to feel). You rub this cloth back and forth on the water mark and the residue form the cloth is absorbed into the water ring. Then you use a clean cloth to buff the residue off the mark. The product is made by Jasco Chemical Corp., Santa ans, CA. Web site: www.jasco-help.com I'll also try the mayo suggestion in future.
  • CK CK on Aug 30, 2014
    Some people say wiping with white vinegar works. But the mayo sounds like it'd work because of the oil in it.
  • Linda Thomas Linda Thomas on Aug 30, 2014
    I have used mayo and cig. Ashes. You mix them together and rub on spot, leave a few minutes and scrub lightly and it will be gone.
  • Debi McCoy Debi McCoy on Aug 30, 2014
    a wonderful natural product -- New Life Furniture Masque -- contact me for further info -- as an antique dealer I will not use anything else -- mayo may work but it is not a good fix.
  • Joanne Marand Joanne Marand on Aug 31, 2014
    I heard mayo worked as well, cheap and we all have it in our fridge
  • Marcia Richards Marcia Richards on Aug 31, 2014
    Make a paste of baking soda and water and rub it gently over the stain. I had to do this recently and thrilled the stains disappeared!
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