Asked on Aug 13, 2020

New sidewalk ?

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Just had a new walk poured and the side have bad spots in them

It looks like the concrete stuck to the boards and pulled chunks out of it

I know why it happened

Can it be corrected or is it a concern

My concern is it looks bad and second worried that water will get in and freeze slowly cracking it out more or it will just slowly chip away

Not wanting to be a hardnose but I do not want to have future problems

Any info appreciated

side of my sidewalk just poured yesterday 12 Aug
holes in side of new pour for sidewalk
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  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Aug 13, 2020

    You should have them come back and fix it. I think it's because they pulled the forms away prematurely. Once it is poured, they can smooth and blend it into the existing. Any mason with decent skills should be able to make it as if it didn't get messed up originally.

    • Doc
      on Aug 13, 2020

      That was my thought as well. The top and the pour looked really good

      I do give that it was really hot here yesterday 110 and I think it set on them a little fast.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    on Aug 13, 2020

    I would also have them come back and fix it though you could fix it yourself with concrete.

    • Doc
      on Aug 13, 2020

      I was thinking that but due to be limited mobility ,it isn't really an option.

      If I got down there I could not get up lol

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on Aug 13, 2020

    Hi Doc

    Sorry this happened to you- please call the guys who did this job and ask them to fix it for you.

  • Doc
    on Aug 14, 2020

    Well, it seems it keeps going down hill.

    Contractor says bad spots in side of walk is normal and would be fine . I did call him on that .

    Now this morning there is a deep crack all the way across and completely thru the walk

    It just amazes me how I can get someone that has all sorts of good references , is local and everyone says you cant go wrong, goes to HE@@ in a hand basket when they do work for me.

  • Oliva
    on Aug 16, 2020

    Hopefully you have access to social media, and can post this person's handiwork for others to see. I'd also post his response. If you lack access to social media, find someone to help you get this posted. You may also wish to call Better Businss Bureau. Do you have his contractor's license number? I'd call him back until corrected properly. If he's wise, he'll want to avoid negative publicity. If you have a consumer advocate at a local television station, I'd contact them, as well.

  • Redcatcec
    on Aug 16, 2020

    As others have said, bring them back and they can re-do it right. Wondering what went wrong in the first place. Seems like more than a patch-up job is needed, give them a chance to make good on it, even though it maybe hard to trust them again. If well recommended, it is a nick in their reputation if they don't. Word of mouth spreads like wild fire and they don't want that.

    You might get in other contractors and see what they say may be the problem, free estimates on how to fix and what went wrong.

    • Doc
      on Aug 16, 2020

      You are right it can ding them if work is not corrected

      After getting him back out he agree it needed to be corrected and will be out next week to fix

  • I would contact the company that did the work.

  • Janice
    on Aug 16, 2020

    Kkeep calling the contractor and send pictures of the latest problem. If he's highly recommended, he'll want to come back and make it right so you won't publicize the problem he's not dealing with for you. SSqueky wheel time!! :)

    • Doc
      on Aug 16, 2020


      He did come back and when he saw what I was concerned about he agreed it was not done properly and is willing to fix it within a week

  • Betsy
    on Aug 16, 2020

    Hi Doc: Well, tell him about your issues and tell him he has to fix it or you will take him to small claims court. If you have a crack this soon, then apparently he didn't make the bed properly. I would be concerned and give him a time line, perhaps 2 or 3 weeks, to fix the problem completely, and that "time is of the essence.". And, if you have to take him to small claims court and he says he will fix it and you don't want him to do it, tell the judge that you have "lost faith" in his ability and want another company to do the work. Remember those 2 phrases :) Good luck

  • Mogie
    on Aug 16, 2020

    DId you have a written contract with whoever did this work? Call them and tell them you aren't happy and ask them how they want to fix this situation?

    You did check their references and saw pictures of their work before hiring them right?

    This is why I am a firm believer in paying half before the start of the project and paying the second half after satisfactory completion.

    • Doc
      on Aug 16, 2020


      Yes, a ton of references and I checked several

      Just seems I am the person that everyone seems to go south on lol

      We did not pay anything to start it was all paid at end of job

      Never have never will worry about a contract .

      I will live and die on a handshake

      Yep, I do get the bad deal from time to time

      The company has agreed to be out here next week and make everything right. They agreed it was rather sloppy and done wrong

  • Ken Erickson
    Ken Erickson
    on Aug 16, 2020

    A mortar mix can be troweled on and smoothed to fill the voids.

  • Sharon
    on Aug 17, 2020

    Looks like the concrete was not vibrated enough on the form to prevent voids. Dampen concrete, add some white glue to the concrete mortar mix, and trowel on and smooth out.

  • Stephie McCarthy
    Stephie McCarthy
    on Aug 19, 2020

    I saw a video recently where there is a real art to removing forms. They can't be pulled away, they have to be slid side ways to prevent those holes. They can be fixed, but it has to be done right away. Or, concrete patch is needed. Good thing the crack formed, so that your contractor will be making good on that job! -- Stephie

  • Tammy Ellis
    Tammy Ellis
    on Aug 19, 2020

    It's great that the concrete company is willing to come fix it. I'm thinking that the excessive heat had a lot to do with the sides of the concrete and the crack. It's not an exact science because of weather etc.

    the concrete company that my father has used has had to fix something months after it was poured.

    I'm happy to hear that you didn't immediately jump on social media and bash them.

    Hope it cooling off for you. It's been very hot and humid here on the easy coast!

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