Safe to run dryer vent underneath hardwood floor?


Hi there, our dryer is located in the basement and has been vented into the garage. Now we are remodeling the garage into a playroom and thinking about extending the dry vent to cross the garage and vent it through the outside wall on the other side of the garage. Our garage's cement floor is lower than the rest of the house but our new hardwood floor will be the same level, so there about 10 inch space in between the old cement garage floor and the new playroom hardwood floor. There will also be insulation materials in this space.

My question is: is it safe to to run the dryer vent through the space between the old cement floor and the new hardwood floor, with the vent being surrounded by insulation materials? Would this makes it hard/impossible to clean the dryer duct? Would the insulation materials around the vent cause overheating and become a fire hazard?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!


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