Asked on Sep 7, 2020

What color should I paint these outdoor chairs?

Agnes ChrzanowskaAnnieLindsay Aratari


I feel the colors that they are painted now look very dated. They will be on my porch and I am attaching a picture of the house color for reference. Would you keep them two colors or not? Thank you!! Also, I like neutrals and I like color. So, either is great to me.

Ok, so after hearing Everyone’s opinion, I agreed that the rattan was in good condition and not to paint that. Some of the suggestions were to paint the legs bronze, white or black. So, tried to edit the photo to give me an idea of what each would look like. I decided I liked black the best and then googled rattan outdoor chair with metal legs and found lots of ideas. Most favored black legs so that is the color that I will go with. Thank you everyone for all your assistance in helping to decide on a color.

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