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One of the most popular ways of preparing finger-licking meals for your family and friends is by investing in a grill. Due to its large size, you might have to leave it outside, but by doing it, you expose it to the harsh weather conditions that could negatively affect it functionality and durability.

No need to worry though, you can keep it looking stunning and fully functional by using a grill cover. Yes, you can buy one, but why do that when you can make one yourself in four simple steps. Here is a guide on how to make a simple cover for your grill at home.

Measure the grill

Take the measurement of your grill by using a tape measure. The specific areas that you need to focus on include the width and the height of the grill. Another way of doing this is covering the entire grill with the butcher paper and making an outline. Write down all the measurements to avoid getting it wrong.

Transfer the outline to the tarp fabric

Transfer the outline to the tarp fabric – you can use any other fabric, provided it is waterproof and capable of handling other harsh outdoor weather conditions in your locality. Leave at least one inch extra on the fabric just in case one of the measurements is wrong. The extra inch will also help you to create a hem. For even better results, it is recommended to use the butcher paper so that you match the exact shape of your grill.

Cut the fabric following the outline and start sewing

Cut the fabric following the outline and start sewing. If possible, cut the fabric on a flat surface as it’s easier and reduces the margin of error. It is also a good idea to sew this step in two phases, but this is dependent on the size of your grill.The last sections that you should sew are the hems, but if you have cut the cover in two or more parts, you will have to sew the sides together.

As mentioned earlier, you can use duct tape if you don’t have a sewing machine.

If you are not confident about the waterproofing capabilities of the fabric, go ahead and spray a waterproofing coating to add an extra layer of protection. That way, you will be at ease indoors as it rains outside.

Use it

With the grill cover now complete, go ahead and attach it to the grill. Use bungee cords or ties to ensure that all the sections are covered fully. Note that this cover is only for a limited period of time; if you are going on a vacation for several months or weeks, you might want to consider storing it in the garage or any other sheltered area.

Additional Tips on How to Take Care of Your Grill

So you made it.

And there are several other (four more actually) steps you can take to better care of your grill.

Ensure It has a Good Foundation

Purchase a grill pad or a spatter and place it under the grill when cooking. The two are heat resistant and will protect your patio or deck for grease.

Set It Up Properly

When preparing to use the grill, place it in an open area that is well-ventilated to promote easy air circulation and at least 10 feet from the main house. It should also be away from dry leaves and overhead combustible surfaces.

Pre-heat the Grill

Before you start cooking, pre-heat your grill to between 500 and 550 degrees so that all leftover debris that can tamper with the taste of the meal are burnt. Then, remove debris and ash using a stainless-steel bristle brush.

Clear Ash and Grease More Often

After a grilling session, remove the bottom tray that is strategically located under the gas grill and empty the ash and grill into a trashcan. You can use a plastic scraper to ensure that you get rid of all the unwanted debris.

Suggested materials:

  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Large butcher piece of paper
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