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Does anyone know anything about the time frame for a this style

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Trying to find the time frame of this armoire by Lane and value

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  • Jan Derr Nevins
    4 days ago

    Looks like mid-century to me. Unfortunately, such a wonderful piece of furniture (Lane) is not worth what it should be in today's world. I sure would hate to see it painted ....

    • Jason
      4 days ago

      Not going to paint it. It looks to good. Thank you for the info.

  • Jan Derr Nevins
    4 days ago

    Good! It's gorgeous.

  • Mogie
    4 days ago

    You really don't see much furniture like this anymore. The wood grain is beautiful.

  • Redcatcec
    4 days ago

    What a beautiful armoire!!! It smacks of mid century, yes. Thank you for sharing the picture and not wanting to paint it. I could not find the exact armoire, sorry. But what I could suggest is to give it a very thorough going over and see if there are any serial numbers on it, that may pinpoint the information you are asking about, or at least a range of dates of manufacture. Research it that way.

    Lane has serial numbers on their cedar chests-on the very bottom, so hopefully you'll get more info if you can locate a number. Best to you.

  • Deb K
    4 days ago

    Hi Jason, mid century modern is all I can find for you, sorry

  • Flipturn
    4 days ago

    No, your wardrobe is not mid-century modern in design.

    This type of furniture is characterized by tapered legs, and clean, flat fronts.

    Your unit has rows of trim on the fronts, thick rounded overhangs, and no visible legs. The two pictures below show examples of Lane mid-century modern wardrobes.

  • Sharon
    4 days ago

    Agree its not mid-century, the drawer pulls are definitely 80s style with the moulding around the drawers.... but the cabinet doors are copied from 40s waterfall pattern of veneer.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    4 days ago

    That looks like a late 70's to early 80's piece. I doubt it has a high re-sale value. I see them for free or very cheap on marketplace in our area. However, if you give it a makeover and repurpose as a coffee bar or pantry, it would have a fairly good selling price.

  • Dee
    4 days ago

    I have a Lane 1970's piece that looks just like it.

  • Kelli L. Milligan
    4 days ago

    I'm a furniture appraiser. It is NOT mid century, it's from the 80s. It a armoire. If made do a a tv its not worth much. If for clothes a bit more. It's only worth for appraisal purposes $50. So if you like it, definitely keep it. It is handsome. Big brown furniture has fallen out of favor.

  • Jason
    4 days ago

    Thank you everyone. Very helpful

  • Janice
    4 days ago

    Looks very similar in style to one I once owned in the early 80's.

  • Morgan McBride
    4 days ago

    Love the starburst look

  • Cheryl A
    4 days ago

    that is late 1970's era found tons of furniture like this when searching

  • Jason
    4 days ago

    I found the numbers




  • Jan 12, 1988 is manufactured date

  • Shelly Plummer
    3 days ago

    My parents had this same piece they got it in 70's.

  • Johnavallance82
    23 minutes ago

    Hello Jason,

    Could be 40's base with a refurb or 70's. Not seen anything quite like that before.

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