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Brick/Stone walls are great accents in the home, but sometimes they need a refresh or "glow up" to better suit your current decor. That's exactly what I recently did.

I've changed the look and vibe of many rooms in my home by simply painting (see my other Hometalk posts for ideas and inspo)

It was great to begin with...

Stone Arch Before

I really love this stone arch in my entrway. We added it after moving into our builder grade home and it's been the main feature of our entrway. We love it, but it's something we did 15 years ago. Our style and decor has changed so much since then and it was time to give this arch a refresh.

Variation in colours

Preparing to Paint

Prep the area

Taping up the area around the arch was step one to refresh this archway. Use painter's tape to protect the surrounding walls, shelves, ceilings, or anything you don't want splashed by paint. I protected the hardwood floors with dollar store plastic table clothes. (They're cheap and actually large once opened up)

Materials needed

Gather your supplies after prepping the area. You'll need a paint tray, a plastic paint measuring cup, angled paint brush, paint, water, cloth for spills, and a ladder.

Time to make a whitewash

Mixing the paint

Making the whitewash is super easy. I used a 1:1 ratio of paint and water (equal parts of water and paint). I put 2 cups of paint and 2 cups of water into the plastic measuring cup. Then, I dumped it in the paint tray.

*I've seen many recipes for making whitewash, but this one was just the right amount for my projecy.

Basically, the more water you add to the paint, the lighter the white will look.

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Mixing Your Paint

First coat of whitewash

First coat

The first coat made a huge difference. But since the original stone had so many colour variations, the first coat was looking very gray. So, I decided to go one more coat.

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Have a cloth handy for drips

Since the paint mixture is watery, you should have a cloth handy for the drips.

Second coat

Second and final coat

What a difference the second coat made. Also, notice the plastic bags on my black wall?

To apply the paint on the textured stone, I had to use a circular motion to paint, thus creating alot of splashes.

Whitewash Complete

I love how it turned out and the huge impact this whitewash stone arch makes in our entryway. So glad I took the chance. If you're wondering what I would have done had I not liked it.... let's just say, I'm a risk taker. Annnnnnd, I probably would've painted it black😅

Suggested materials:

  • Paint  (Had already from previous projects)
  • Angled Paint Brush  (Home Hardware)
  • Plastic measuring paint cup  (Home Depot)
See all materials

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