Tv Mount Over the Fireplace (the Trick)

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my new house has a beautiful fireplace room, that i want to have it as a cozy family room. Though, tv is the most important element in the room. We wanted to hang the tv over the fireplace but we found out that the Chimney was just behind the drywall and made the wall hollow. No way to hang a 65 inch tv there because it will fall down for sure.

We were looking online and on YouTube to similar situation and we didn’t found nothing. That’s why I’m sharing today our experience and how we solved it.

Watch the video bellow for more details.


The fireplace looked like that. And we want to hang the tv over it. The wall was hollow because of the chimney. What to do?

Tv with legs

we though to leave it like that just putting the tv with the legs on over the fireplace, but was very not stable and dangerous with two active small kids. No for hazard and yes for safety.

The solution

A wooden frame connected to the posts inside the wall.



  1. With a pencil trace the exact shape Using The tv mount template.
  2. with a cutter cut the drywall.
  3. Make sure where are the posts located.
  4. take the measurements.
  5. build a frame According to that measurements.
  6. Drill the frame to connect them with the left and right side With the posts.
  7. Cover the frame.
  8. Hang the mount
  9. hang the tv
Securing the frame

Frame covering

Drill the the cover (i used play wood) to the frame wood.

Mount hanging

secure the mount on to the frame you build.

Note: you can see that everything is the same size thanks to the tv mount template we used.


finally, the tv is mounted nicely and securely. I was so worry when it was just standing over the bar, especially, when the kids are playing around. Also, the sturdy frame we build allows the long lasting of the tv mount. We are thinking to by a 70 inch tv now :D

for the ugly wires, we will take care of it and cover them to tie everything up.

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Tv mount over fireplace solution

Suggested materials:

  • Drill  (Home Depot)
  • Play wood  (Our garage)
  • Wood pieces  (Our garage)
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  • Brenda Crow
    Brenda Crow
    on Oct 3, 2020

    Can you set large tv on mantel of wood burning fire place

    • Hinda
      on Oct 4, 2020

      I asked this question To people who have a tv over the fireplace and the response was, as long as you have a separation between fireplace and tv like wood bar or concrete bar No problem then.

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  • Lanie
    on Nov 8, 2020

    WoW that’s a good idea thank you for sharing.....

    • Hinda
      on Nov 9, 2020

      Thank you so much. I thought that other people may have the same problem like I had😊.

  • Pat Wright
    Pat Wright
    on Nov 8, 2020

    Wow. What an awesome idea. I don't have the problem of a fireplace, but I have a modular home (glorified double-wide trailer house), and sometimes I wonder what system they used to build it, because finding studs to screw into seems almost impossible. I want to mount wall tv's in the bedrooms, but have despaired being able to find studs to mount them to. This idea solves so many problems of getting things off the valuable floor space. Can't believe I didn't think of this before! (slaps forehead) Duh!

    • Hinda
      on Nov 9, 2020

      hanging a tv is a space saver and you’re right sometimes you just can’t find studs for a sturdy hanging. We had to sacrifice the dry wall and cut it to mount safely the tv. I’m really flattered by your comment and very happy that this project helped you.

      have a wonderful week 😊

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