Asked on Oct 5, 2020

How to clean mirrors from oil ?

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I keep cleaning my daughter’s closet mirror. It looks good when it’s wet but ones it drys it becomes foggy and blurry. May e was oil on the kids hands or it’s the colorful newspaper I use??

help please?

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  • Dee
    on Oct 5, 2020

    Try ammonia on a microfiber cloth. Ammonia gets rid of grease. Or you can try white vinegar and water, again using a microfiber cloth

    • Hinda
      on Oct 6, 2020

      Thank you so much I’ll try those solution and hopefully gonna work.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Oct 6, 2020

    Clean with straight white vinegar and microfiber to remove any grease or residue. You can pick up some decent ones at the Dollar Tree. To get a 100% streak free surface, I wipe mine with Super Cloth. It's a larger cloth that is made from the same material the eye glass cleaning cloths are and you can use on screens, windows, mirrors, glasses, stainless steel. It was a small investment but I've had mine over 7 years. I bought a set of 3 and they are still like new. After I use it, I rinse until clear with hot water and hang to dry. We have a farm and it's very dusty so they have been put to the test.

  • try spraying with vinegar and wipe up with newspaper

  • Mogie
    on Oct 6, 2020

    Precautionary Statement: A mirror can appear stained and cloudy if the backing is damaged. No amount of cleaning products available can solve the problem.

    Vinegar and Newspaper: Cloudy mirrors are sometimes cloudy because they're coated with cleaning products such as furniture polish or another oily substance. Read the label on the back of your favorite commercial glass cleaner.

    Regular commercial glass cleaner is extremely watered down. It's strong enough to get rid of light smudges, water spots, and ordinary smears, but it's not strong enough to cut through oil-based residue. Instead of using commercial cleaners that contains mostly water, try ordinary white vinegar.

    Pour white vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray it on cloudy mirrors while being careful not to get it on wood surfaces. Immediately wipe the mirrors with waded up newspaper. Surprisingly, newsprint does a better job than ordinary paper towels. The cloudy film should wipe right off!

    Shaving Cream: Ordinary inexpensive shaving cream, not the gel type, works wonders to clean cloudy mirrors. Simply squirt the appropriate amount of shaving cream on a clean lint-free paper towel and wipe the mirror briskly while avoiding any wood surrounding the mirror. If the back of the mirror isn't permanently damaged, the cloudy film should come right off. In addition, if the mirror is in a bathroom, the shaving cream will keep it from fogging up. Using shaving cream will not only clean cloudy spots from mirrors, but it will keep it clean and clear no matter how hot the bathroom becomes.

  • Peggy L Burnette
    Peggy L Burnette
    on Oct 7, 2020

    Hi Hinda, sorry you are having problems cleaning your daughter's mirror. Hope this will help you.

    Pour white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray over the cloudy mirror, but not to the frame, especially if it's wooden. Crumple an oldnewspaper and use it to wipe the vinegar off the glass. Rub the mirror until you're left with a shiny, streak-free mirror.Sep 10, 2017

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