Asked on Oct 19, 2020

UPDATED How to add depth/interest to front door actually entire stoop?

Agnes ChrzanowskaJ BrownSBlizzard


I was inspired by the project showing how they created a copper finish patina on a painted door making me take a look at our plain Jane. I'm not looking for a metal look just something to add some interest. I realized the photo was old and I had made some changes since it was taken now a couple years ago.

Our major problem is that our front door is 100 feet from the street. The stoop in only 4 by 6 and really not visible until you are already in front of it.

So here are the updated photos

This was about 2 years ago
From the street front door is not even visible
Since then I moved the welcome plaque, added a stool and a couple more plants. Still hoping to find plants that can take the Florida sun for the metal plant holder on the left. As you can see the mat after about 1 1/2 years is already unsightly. I did like what one Hometalker did using a large canvas picture outside and think the right one on the left brick wall could be the answer for color.
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