15 Ways to Make an Expensive-Looking Fall Centerpiece

Lessons learned: rustic doesn’t have to look cheap, and gorgeous doesn’t always come with a price tag!

By Hometalk Highlights

Bring nature in with this succulent and pumpkin centerpiece

Is there anything greater than planting plants inside plants?

Arrange a beautiful floral and wood display in minutes

Mix autumn-inspired flowers and pinecones for natural texture.

Keep it simple with fall florals in vintage pottery

Combine seasonal flowers and branches with a few velvet pumpkins, for good measure!

Transform cheap foam pumpkins into their fancy, textured cousins

Add a few colorful fall leaves, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous centerpiece!

Add a dash of elegance to your table with gold painted pumpkins

Use a stencil or go free-hand, depending on your style and ability.

Upcycle coffee filters into faux hydrangeas for your fall centerpiece

Arrange them in terracotta pots that have undergone a rustic chalk paint makeover.

Turn a cheap plastic pumpkin pail into a faux metal flower vase

Layers of black, bronze, and turquoise paint create an antique patina finish.

Showcase the natural beauty of fall with foraged foliage

Arrange seasonal flowers, seed pods, and apples in a simple bucket for a stunning centerpiece. 

Welcome fall with a simple green-and-cream gourd centerpiece.

Set different varieties of squash and pumpkins on a bed of dried oak leaves in a classic wooden dough bowl. 

Make use of a garden full of hydrangeas with a floral centerpiece and wreath

Learn how to dry these beauties perfectly, without losing their fluffy appearance.

Turn plastic Easter eggs into whimsical acorns

Made of twigs, twine, and old book pages, these adorable little guys are the perfect addition to any fall centerpiece.

Upcycle glass food jars into gingham-patterned autumn decor

Stuff ‘em with cotton, wheat, or fall foliage, and scatter them wherever you need a drop of seasonal charm

DIY an elegant fall centerpiece in a simple casserole dish

Fill it with candles and a gorgeous burst of faux flowers, leaves, and berries, and your guests will be none the wiser.