18 Things You Never Thought to Hang on Your Walls & Why You Should!

Make art out of the most random things you can imagine.

By Hometalk Highlights

Transform a table runner into a fabric hanging wine rack

Add tassels on the end to complete the boho look.

Celebrate your love of lit with this unique book installation

Angle books and loose pages to create a striking effect of movement.

Turn an empty soda can into a stunning floral wall display

You’ll never be able to throw a can away in good conscience again!

Create the illusion of free-hanging floral using an embroidery hoop

Mix dried, wood, and artificial flowers for stunning texture.

Upcycle a reusable shopping bag into split canvas art

Put them in an old window frame or attach them directly to the wall.

Install a whimsical birch wood and bottle wall piece

Fill the bottles with sheaves of wheat, seasonal leaves, or your favorite flowers.

Send a message with giant scrabble tile wall art

Spell out the names of your family members or inspirational words.

May a little boy’s dream come true with a toy car picture frame

Bonus: you can’t step on them if they’re on the wall!

Construct an impressive pop art portrait from colorful duct tape

In case you were starting to doubt the mind-blowing versatility of this magical material.

Go nautical with crisscrossed boat oar decor

Give them a natural vintage finish or paint them to match the room. 

Add color to any wall with repurposed wooden coffee stirrers

A fun and budget friendly way to brighten your room.

Decorate your kitchen with rustic framed hanging cutlery

Go wild with the pretty little embellishments for a country chic style.

Channel your inner gardener with vintage seed pack wall art

This fresh decor idea is super simple and budget-friendly.

Upcycle old CD cases into a giant photo display

You’ve saved them all these years for this very moment!

Make metallic abstract wall art from pizza pans

The combination of circles of all sizes creates a calming effect.