Asked on Oct 23, 2020

Extremely long picture window how to cover it

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Hello out there,

I have an extremely long (107 inches) picture window and without going bankrupt i am looking for curtains or drapes to cover it for privacy.....and a rod .

I was thinking about using metal hardware, don't know what it is called but hardware galvanized!! Not a formal room.

thinking about putting 2 curtains/drapes on it, one for the bottom half and another for the top half and mostly just open the top part.

Need privacy because you can see in and i now only have sheers...trying to figure out what to do...

I would probably have to use curtain rings so all i would have to do is slide them closed.

Window vertical/horizontal blinds are out of the question because of the cost...and do not forget the weight of this material.....not to thrilled about using some other sort of blinds, like outside blinds, I have seen this but I have 'never' seen them this long...

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.....

Thank you in advance....10-23-2020


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