15 Stunning Lanterns That Will Give You a Magazine-Perfect Fall Porch

Welcome that gorgeous autumn glow with style.

By Hometalk Highlights

Build candle lanterns from toy building blocks

You’ll get into the zone stacking wood blocks in a repetitive pattern.

Add a gorgeous glow to your fall decor with luminary pumpkin lanterns

Use different shades of metallic spray paint for a sophisticated, classy look. 

Repurpose wood scraps into a classic standing lantern

Add a crystal knob on top for some extra elegance.

Turn your favorite photos into a picture frame lantern

Use family portraits or pictures from your travels to light up your room with the things you love most.

Celebrate the natural beauty of fall leaves with a mason jar candle holder

I love how the flame highlights the intricate veins of each leaf.

Glam up your porch with a giant plexiglass lantern

It looks like a real flame, but it’s cool to the touch and safe to use. 

Craft enchanting paper bag lanterns for fall

Stencil the outlines of your favorite autumn foliage for a rustic touch.

Upcycle tin cans into industrial chic porch lanterns

Create beautiful shadows with lots of different patterns.

DIY a rusty faux metal star lantern from card stock

Just print out the template and get pasting!

Use air dry clay to create a whimsical flower print jar lantern

This technique is also great for flower vases!

Upcycle magazines and toilet paper rolls into beautiful lanterns

This whole project is done in an hour - including waiting for the glue to dry!

Create an elegant ambiance with this DIY hanging wooden lantern

Angle the square dowels for an interesting, modern effect.

Give an IKEA candle lantern a modern makeover

All you need is a vision, tape, and spray paint!