19 Surprising Ways to Turn Plain Embroidery Hoops Into Home Decor

Who knew these simple circles were so versatile?

By Hometalk Highlights

Bring nature in with a whimsical sun catcher

Arrange pressed flowers between wax paper in an embroidery hoop, and hang it in a sunny spot.

Create industrial ambience with hanging solar lights on your patio

The crisscrossed embroidery hoops look almost galactical.

DIY these rustic wooden orbs from embroidery hoops

Use them as centerpieces or hang them in your home.

Show your baby some love with a homemade boho crib mobile

Hang wooden beads from halved embroidery hoops for adorable nursery decor.

Make your own boho, budget-friendly light fixtures

It’s amazing what you can do with embroidery hoops and bamboo skewers!

DIY a simple web message board from an embroidery hoop and thread

The perfect place to store treasured mementoes and important reminders. 

Create simple denim hanging storage pockets using embroidery hoops

Add some color with a fabric lining that suits your style.

Hang a dreamy wreath of natural grasses above your mantelpiece

Use embroidery hoops and dried florals to create a calm, whimsical atmosphere.

Send the right message with stenciled fabric hoop art

Put a few of these together for a colorful and personalized gallery wall.

Hang sweeping fabric from an embroidery hoop to create a gorgeous reading nook

Add charm with a tassel trim, faux floral stems, or whatever details match your decor.

Add a touch of charm with a round floral pocket wreath

I went for a bright, patterned fabric, but you could also go the neutral, rustic route.

Treasure your favorite moments with a photo transfer canvas embroidery hoop

Stitch on the date - or any other details you’d like - for added texture.

Stash your knickknacks in cute denim wall storage hoops

Keep using the pockets, long after you’re finished with the jeans.