10 Pretty Alternatives for People Who Are Tired of Killing Succulents

Sometimes even the most forgiving plants just aren't forgiving enough!

By Hometalk Highlights

Get playful with this super-easy layered faux succulent container

Mix up colors and textures with colored rice, gemstones, glass pebbles, and confetti.

Go farmhouse chic with faux succulents in a galvanized metal bucket

I love the contrast of natural greens and silver metal.

DIY this faux succulent tower for a Zen look

Add decorative stones for the full effect.

Make a lovely terrarium from mini potted succulents

Fill the glass container with pebbles, moss, acorns, or whatever natural details make you smile.

DIY a stunning succulent terrarium from an embroidery hoop.

Weave it with copper wire to make an elegant bird nest base.

Transform an old round tabletop into a giant garden-themed clock

Place decorative gardening gear and potted succulents where the numbers would go.