Asked on Nov 7, 2020

Vinyl cutting machine?

Deb KHomeroadPeggy


I’m thinking of asking Santa for a vinyl cutting machine

i know nothing about them

i have researched and looks like the Silhouette Cameo 3 and the Cricut Air are the top choices for beginners

Do any of you have one and give your opinion


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  • Em
    on Nov 7, 2020

    Cricut has better rating from people I know that have one.

  • I have the Cricut Maker and love it! When it comes to Cricut, it's not the machine you need to learn, but the Design Space program.

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    on Nov 7, 2020

    I have a Silhouette and a Cricut and it seems the Cricuts are more trendy right now and you can find a lot more supplies in stores for them. I prefer my Cricut, but used to love my Silhouette. The Cricut has software that is a web browser and the Silhouette software is downloaded on your computer, which is one difference.

  • Mogie
    on Nov 7, 2020

    Top 5 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines Reviewed

  • Vimarhonor
    on Nov 7, 2020

    Hello I received the Cricut air explore last year for Christmas and I am thoroughly enthusiastically pleased with it. It does everything I need to do and more I’ve only touched on some of the things it can do.

    If you are a business you may want to consider the higher priced Cricut maker. This can do some things that the explorer cannot like engraving cutting fabric and more heavy duty items.

    I wish I got my vinyl cutter sooner

    I’m sure you’re going to be pleased with your choice.

    Have any particular questions ask away....

  • Tracy C
    Tracy C
    on Nov 8, 2020

    I have the Cricut Maker. This is the top of the line and a little more money but it cuts so many things. I am not very good at computer stuff but these machines do most of the work. YouTube has alot of tutorials which I find easier and faster to help me when I don't know how to achieve what I want done. Good luck, they are lots of fun.

  • Janice
    on Nov 8, 2020

    My son received a Cricut last Christmas and used it a lot. As mentioned earlier, the design program is necessary and unless you use if regularly you can spend a lot of time learning the appropriate steps necessary to accomplish what is needed. He was hoping to make large decals and stencils but found the small size less than optimal. He has a lot of fun with it, but now wishes for a much larger vinyl cutter machine. It truly depends on what you plan to create to know the best choice for your use.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Nov 8, 2020

    My daughter bought me for a present. She did quite a bit of research and she already had one. It's the Cricut Explore Air 2. So far, so good.

  • Simple Nature Decor
    Simple Nature Decor
    on Nov 8, 2020

    This is the one I am getting for Christmas, it has everything! I pretty much research it and found this to be the best.

  • Laura
    on Nov 9, 2020

    Cricket Explore Air 2

  • Jason
    on Nov 10, 2020

    I can't give my opinion on the Cricut series of cutters, other than to say that my aunt used my Silhouette Cameo 4 that I bought about 4 or 5 months ago, and she wishes she would have bought the Cameo 4 instead of her Cricut that she has used hundreds of times. She says its faster and more powerful. Here is what I believe... Either designing app is going to take some dedication at first if you want to be any good with either machine, but Silhouette Studio (Cameo 4's software) has an endless supply of videos detailing step by step how to perform any function you could ever want with your image you are working on. Stick with it and it will pay off quickly in what you can talk the machine into doing for you. I'm sure Cricut has lots of support for their design system as well. The cameo 4 is amazing. I've used it to do everything from cutting coffee cup decals, to stickers for laptops, to election window decals, to "In Loving Memory Of...." memorial window decals, to designing and successfully making professional quality t-shirts, to creating and making custom protective masks with vampire and skeleton teeth or funny sayings, to sketching you-tube cartoon characters for my 5 & 6 year old to hang on their walls (the thing will literally sketch any image you can load into the design software), to printing and cutting company logo stickers, and a hundred more things that I cant think of at the moment. One of the coolest things that I have used it for is scanning and cutting some expensive sets of ATV engine gaskets. I cleaned my old gaskets, put them in my scanner and scanned them, set it to keep it actual size, and cut them out on a roll of gasket material that I bought from my local auto parts store that you can buy in various thicknesses and materials. They turned out literally perfect and other than the logo printed on the gasket material itself, I would challenge any Honda or Yamaha engineer to tell me if I made it or not. I am not saying the Cricut is any less of a machine or if it is more or less difficult to use... I honestly do not know. What I do know and can tell you with 100% confidence, is that if you decide to go with the Silhouette Cameo 4 (I definitely would get the newest model..... its listed as being quicker and has 4 or 5 times more potential cutting force at your disposal if needed, plus the 4 has Bluetooth and I don't believe the 3 did) and you take some time to watch some tutorials on using the software and play and practice with it until you get half-way familiar with the Silhouette Studio design software, you will be 110% satisfied, and your printing/sketching/cutting/etching possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Have fun with whatever you decide! Just make sure you use it as often as possible. The more you use it, the more you will want to. The more designs you make, the more possibilities you will start seeing everywhere you look! Have fun! (And No, Silhouette did not endorse this, nor was I compensated in any it is just that bad a$$ of a machine!! :)

    • Peggy
      on Nov 11, 2020

      Wow what a testimony! Thanks for taking the time to share all that!

  • Morgan McBride
    Morgan McBride
    on Nov 11, 2020

    I prefer the maker to the air for cricuts. It just has so much more options for materials.

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on Nov 11, 2020

    The good thing about Cricut is that it is versatile for so many other items as well like fabric, paper, thin metals, etc.

  • Chloe Crabtree
    Chloe Crabtree
    on Nov 12, 2020

    Love my Cricut

  • Tawny Leste-Carlson
    Tawny Leste-Carlson
    on Nov 14, 2020

    Cricut Air!

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    on Nov 14, 2020

    I love the Cricut!

  • Jo
    on Nov 14, 2020

    I just bought the Cricut Maker, I am still learning. You have to have internet to use the Cricut Air and Maker. My centurylink is not very reliable so that puts a damper on some projects! Which ever you decide to buy I suggest getting the

    the bundle. It has everything you need to get started!

  • Peggy
    on Nov 15, 2020

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I’m still undecided. They are super expensive and I’m not sure I want to invest in something that I may not use much or ha e hard time learning

    has anyone tried the Cricut Joy??

    if so would you recommend it to a beginner ?

    i mainly want to do vinyl letters and simple things

  • Homeroad
    on Nov 20, 2020

    I have the silhouette cameo and the Cricut Joy. I'd say the Cricut joy is best for beginners, it's less expensive and is easier to use.

  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on Dec 25, 2020

    Hi Peggy I have seen and heard great reviews of both, go with what you love the most!

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