15 Ways to Copy the Trendy Geode Look All Around Your Home

Add color, sparkle, and depth to your decor with these magical creations - inspired by nature's finest!

By Hometalk Highlights

Grow your own borax crystal candle holders

A perfect experiment to do with the littles!

Make glamorous geode coasters from resin

Surprise material required: silly putty!

Go bold with a faux amethyst mirror frame

Purple borax crystal add gorgeous color and texture to your wall.

DIY these crystal planters from plastic bottles and sea salt

They also double as gorgeous flameless candle holders.

Paint-pour a stunning geode-inspired chair

Finish metal legs with gold for an extra glamorous effect.

Decoupage marbled cork message boards

A beautiful place to tack your shopping list!

Craft your own mesmerizing clock with resin and alcohol ink

You may lose track of time staring at this stunner.

Brighten up your bed with firecracker tie dye pillow cases

Speed up the process in the microwave, and you’ll have them ready by bedtime!

Transform thrifted candlesticks with a coat of colorful crystals

They’ll brighten up your room before you even light the candles!

DIY this mesmerizing marbled coffee table with agate slices

Add color, glitter, and natural beauty to your living room with this stunning statement piece. 

Make beautiful coasters using a geode shaped mold

I love the jagged edge on these metallic pieces.