13 Easy and Impressive Thanksgiving Centerpieces

One more thing to be grateful for this season!

By Hometalk Highlights

Brighten your table with an autumn leaves garland

If you’re really tight on time, just scatter the paper leaves across the table.

DIY an adorable pilgrim hat centerpiece from and ice bucket and charger

Add color and style with fall leaves and a glittery ribbon.

Go rustic with ghost pumpkin tea lights in a dough bowl

Add color and texture with moss, acorns, and any other seasonal bounty that makes you feel grateful!

Create your own gorgeous pumpkin and floral centerpiece

Check out these great time-saving tricks and tips to make your flowers last longer.

DIY playful cornucopias from colorful scrapbooking paper

Cover them with seasonal stickers and fill them with treats!

Build a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece using stacked straw baskets

Fill them with bright oranges, natural greenery, and textured pinecones.

Personalize your table with a blooming monogrammed pumpkin

You could swap out the letter for a random pattern or a house number for your porch.

DIY a fancy Thanksgiving table centerpiece in 10 minutes flat

Nothing says rustic elegance quite like long candles and natural wood.