20 Candles You Should Make This Season

Light up your life with gorgeous, winter-scented homemade candles.

By Hometalk Highlights

Keep it simple with stunning seasonal floating oil candles

Fill a mason jar with sprigs of pine, bright red berries, and lemon slices for a pop of natural color.

Indulge your sweet tooth with a homemade hot chocolate candle

These cuties look and smell absolutely delicious!

DIY these adorable gingerbread man Christmas candles

Make yourself some warm and smiley friends this season!

Celebrate fall bounty with festive pumpkin candles

The perfect addition to your Thanksgiving decor.

Pour your own candle in any vintage container

And when it’s all done, just pour another one!

Keep it real and rustic with an aromatic pumpkin candle

Enjoy cloves, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and all the delicious spiced scents of autumn.

DIY these industrial-style concrete candles using homemade molds

Play with different shapes and sizes using plastic bottles, cardboard tubes, or empty food containers.

Go sweet and fresh with peppermint-scented mason jar candles

Or check out our other deliciously festive fragrance ideas.

Design your own unique candles with three easy methods

Whether you use a stencil, the window color technique, or free-hand painting, your pattern options are literally endless.

Make your own colorful and aromatic soy wax candles

Personalize each one with a mix of crayons and essential oils. 

Upcycle leftover tins into adorable homemade candles

The glitter is optional, but highly recommended!

Make your own lavender and eucalyptus scented candles

These look absolutely precious in a vintage teacup.

Pour hot wax over ice cubes for a unique, textured candle

Add character to homemade candles with this super cool technique.

Make your own mason jar candle mold using silicone

A creative way to add more rustic chic decor to your home.

DIY these round cement candles from mini plastic ball molds

Paint the inside gold for an elegant-yet-industrial effect.