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How do you keep on top of cleaning whilst working from home?

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I spend a lot of time working from home as we have a lockdown in the UK. I try to maintain my space clean and tidy. However, it is so much harder to keep things organised compared to when I work from the office. Any tips how to make cleaning fun whilst you work at home?

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  • Olivia Taylor
    Olivia Taylor

    I am from the UK and I work from home too. It takes time to get used to the routine. I work for 2-3 hours and then spend some time doing things around the house. I then go back to work. This keeps me active and helps me concentrate with my work. I only do things I like doing and I leave the rest to the cleaner who comes once a week.

    BTW, the agency I use has just come up with some tips how to make cleaning fun if you are doing it all by yourself

  • Annie

    I like listening to rock music when I clean :) That makes it more fun for me. That way I can sing along and pretend I'm not cleaning the dang bathroom!! And I try to do something every day to clean. It's just me and my husband here so it's easier

  • Janice

    Alex, working at home and be a blessing but also takes a lot of self-discipline to keep organized and the necessary separation of home and work. I 've found that it is good to force yourself to take appropriate breaks (if possible). That's an ideal time to throw a load of laundry in the waher or dryer, load or unload the dishwaher, quickly clean countertops, etc., r or do small physical tasks to get you up and away from the computer for short periods of time. I set my printer up in another area so it makes me have to physiclly get up and retrieve the print out.

  • I like to listen to audiobooks while I clean. It distracts me from the monotony and the job gets done faster. Also I put a robot vacuum on my Christmas list! :)

  • Mogie

    I have found it is easier to pick things up or pick up after myself as I go. Sort of the same thing as picking up after myself as I make dinner.

    As I go from room to room I try to make every step or movement count.

    I have found it useful to set the timer on my microwave. This forces me to stop what I am doing to turn it off and at the same time it is the best opportunity to pick things up and organize.

  • Jeremy Hoffpauir
    Jeremy Hoffpauir

    I normally set a schedule and clean a little bit each day. I clean 1 room per day and that schedule works for me.

  • Redcatcec

    I love to get up early-say 5am, and let my husband sleep until his alarm goes off about 8:30, during that time I am at my peak of concentration and can get the business end handled best. Once he's up it is disruptive to a daily routine. So that is when chores and cleaning is done. He helps.

  • Maura White
    Maura White

    I try to pick one thing in the evenings for me to tackle and clean bathrooms, mop, vacuum and dust on the weekends.

  • Betsy

    Hi Alex: What I do is I have a list of rooms to clean every day. Monday the Kitchen and Family Room, Tuesday, the bathrooms and living room, Wednesday, 2 bedrooms, Thursday the craft room, etc. I dust, vacuum and do the pick up stuff thing. On Friday, I go through the papers and take the trash out. When the bills come in, they are paid that same day and go out in the mail the next day so they don't get lost in the piles of papers. And, I don't have the depression of paying a stack of bills at the end of the month. It only takes an hour or two a day, and is very doable. And, when you pick it up and use it, put it back where it was or throw it out. When I cook, I have a sink full of hot soapy water, and when I'm done cooking, I put everything that needs to be washed, except for my dish, glass and utensils, into the water to soak. When I'm done eating, the pots are soaked and need just a second to clean. I wash what I just used and Bob's your uncle. You can do this, just stick to your list. :) Good luck

  • You can use the free app Libby to download audio books for free and listen to that while you clean.

  • It is a lot harder to keep a place clean when everyone is home. I try to keep on it by doing at least a little bit of cleaning every day.

  • Peggy Burnette
    Peggy Burnette
    21 hours ago

    Hi Alex, hope this helps you keep your home clean and tidy. Keep your home clean

    Clutter — whether it's on your desk or on the floor – will distract you, so it's best to ensure everything is tidy before you begin. Make time in the morning to clean the kitchen, put away any laundry and wipe down your desk area.Mar 16, 2020

    12 Self-Care Tips To Remember When You're Working From ... › wellbeing › self-care-working-...

  • Vimarhonor
    10 hours ago

    Hello. Sometimes it’s really hard to even see the mess if you’re always at home -we become numb to it. Understandably.

    Sometimes is making time -a schedule during the week to take on certain task can help make the situation manageable.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    Just now

    I set a clock for 10 minute breaks a few times a day. Then I clean, sometimes I see how much I can get done in the time. At the end of the work day, I tidy up my work space just like the office.

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