Wire Angel and Tree With White Lights

3 Materials
2 Hours

So all I had was a lonely deer. Poor little thing needed some company. But since my friend Mary had extra tomato cages and I had extra white lights (lots of those old icicle lights), We decided to make a little tree and an angel.

So basically, using the icicle lights and bundling them like one string and using ties to attach to the tomato cage, we went round and round until we reached the top and that was that.

We used lots of little zip ties which you can by at Harbor freight very cheap.

Here is the tree all done. Next was the Angel. Now, my friend Mary had already made the wings the day before so I don't have pictures of that process but you get the idea. You can use wire hangers and shape them to create the wings. Then you attach the wings to the cage. She also used some little bead wooden balls to use as stoppers.

We then attached the head which was made of styrofoam. And the last thing we attached was the Halo which we made with wire as well.

At this point we were ready to start wrapping the lights to the wires. We decided to go up and down for the Angel's body and just outline the wings with the lights. Then with the rest, we just went over the head and the halo using lots of little ties.

Now my deer has company  .

Suggested materials:

  • Tomato cages  (Had it)
  • Lights  (had it)
  • Ties  (had it)

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  • Flipturn
    on Dec 13, 2020

    'The tree looks rather anemic to me. I would suggest that the cage be wrapped with white garland first, so that there are no gaps where the lights do not cover.

    For only a few dollars more, your new tree will look balanced, and will also have a more attractive silhouette.

  • Tonya
    on Jan 13, 2021

    Great idea! And very well executed!! tfs!

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