20 Awesome Christmas Gifts You Can Make Yourself for Under $20

Show you care with a homemade, budget-friendly gift.

By Hometalk Highlights

Get crafty with a DIY gingerbread man candle dipped in milk

Melt yellow, orange, and brown crayons together to get the perfect caramel color.

Give your sweet ones an adorable hot cocoa mix gift bag

Complete with marshmallows, sprinkles, and a candy cane.

Upcycle old coffee and cookie tins into gorgeous, marbled containers

Spray paint them white, and add a swirl of color with nail polish.

Make your loved ones smile with these silly painted flower pots

I love how the plants look like funky hairdos.

Spice up any glass candle holder with cinnamon sticks

Easy, cheap, festive, and pretty - it’s a Christmas miracle!

Turn any clay pot into an adorable Santa Claus container

Fill it with homemade cookies for a perfect gift for teachers or neighbors.

Get playful this Christmas with Scrabble tile coasters

I spelled out the word LOVE, but you could choose whichever letters you want.

Dress up a mason jar into an adorable snowman gift jar

Fill it with white chocolate covered pretzels or your favorite festive treats.

Make one-of-a-kind marbled mugs using nail polish

Coat them with a food-grade sealer to make them dishwasher-safe.

DIY these personalized magnets using transparent dollar store gems

Stick on pictures of your favorite people and places, cute quotes, or pretty fabrics.

Craft unique concrete coasters with delicate leaf imprints

Add a glamorous shine with a coat of silver paint.

Pamper your loved ones with DIY peppermint bath bombs

These festive fizzies smell amazing and use only four ingredients.

Get personal with DIY family photo blocks in a jar

Use black and white photos and rough up the edges for a time-worn look.

Create gorgeous cutlery wrapped in beads and buttons

Pair these with an adorable “gift in a jar” recipe for the perfect present.

DIY these classy gold-accented, paper mache bowls

Give these to your friends and family full of festive candies or potpourri.

Microwave your own super easy Christmas tree soaps

Add pine essential oil and green soap colorant.