15 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Door After New Year's

Welcome 2021 into your home in style.

By Hometalk Highlights

Make a stunning winter arrangement for your door

I avoid round wreaths - they always look like leftover Christmas décor to me.

Brighten your door with a fun and colorful pompom wreath

Make as many pompoms as you want from all of your favorite yarns.

Celebrate winter’s natural beauty with an acorn and pinecone wreath

I can’t get enough of these earthy brown towns and rough textures.

Keep it simple with a DIY magnolia leaf wreath

Timeless enough to leave up year-round, pretty enough that you’ll want to.

Upcycle toilet paper rolls into a pretty floral wreath

Finally, something worthwhile to do with all those rolls you’ve been collecting.

Make a rustic-yet-modern wreath from wood shims

Simply glue them in a circular shape, and add a bow.

Glam up your door with an elegant, metallic magnolia leaf wreath

Mix a few natural leaves mixed in with gold, silver, and copper painted leaves.

Repurpose coffee filters into a fluffy, faux carnation wreath

Leave it white, or spray paint gently from a difference to lightly color the edges.

Craft a faux pussy willow wreath from Q-tips

The fluffy, white cotton softens the dark, twiggy grapevine wreath.

DIY this whimsical book page and burlap flower wreath

Upcycle plastic grocery bags to make the center of the flower.

Give your door some stunning snowy swag

Arrange flocked pine boughs, a white garland, pinecone ornaments, snowflakes, and a gorgeous bow onto a Styrofoam block.

Add a pop of color to your door with a paper strip heart wreath

All you need is cardstock and a stapler for this adorable, easy craft.

Upcycle Dum Dum wrappers into a one-of-a-kind door wreath

You may need some help from the littles to eat all those lollipops!

Turn pistachio shells into a stunning flower wreath

This beauty takes some patience, but it is totally worth the time!

Make a dreamy rainbow wreath from colored ribbons

Whimsical décor for your playroom or kids’ bedroom.