10 Bedroom Upgrades That'll Make You Want to Be a Kid Again

Because the bedroom should be a happy place!

By Hometalk Highlights

Maximize space in a little guest room with built-in shiplap beds

These cuties are so cozy it’s like you’re sleeping in a hug!

Turn a pallet and fence posts into a woodsy loft bed

Add rustic character to your kid’s bedroom with raw, unfinished wood.

Magically transform your child's bedroom into a Harry Potter-themed wizard ward

The faux stone wallpaper adds enchanting texture and depth.

Build a rustic house-shaped headboard from pallet wood

A space-saving alternative to the trendy house-frame beds

Dress up any bed with giant headboard art

Let your creativity run wild, and paint whatever design you want on a wood framed canvas.

Defy gravity with a super sturdy DIY suspended loft bed

Add a chain and piping bed rail for an industrial look.

Get cozy with this almost effortless bed canopy

Wrap a wire ring in twine, and attach a dreamy curtain.

Repurpose old kitchen cabinets into a super cozy built-in bed

A resourceful way to maximize storage space in your kid’s room.