Asked on Dec 26, 2020

What Color Foundation?

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We are in the process of replacing our wood siding, trim and soffits. The siding is a deep moss and trim and soffit will be white. We have a red

painted foundation which I hate. What color should I use. A darker green than the siding?

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  • William
    3 days ago

    Use this site to play around with colors. You can upload your photo and try different colors.

  • Debi53
    3 days ago

    Love your new siding and trim choices. I suggest that you go the same shade as your siding in a solid masonry stain--NOT paint. Paint will flake off but stain will soak in. We sold our home 11 years after staining the brick and it still looked like new. We had siding on top and brick on the bottom, much like yours. Making it all one color looked so much better than breaking it up with two different shades. The home looked cohesive and I think yours will too.

  • Femmaeve MacQueen-Rose
    Femmaeve MacQueen-Rose
    15 hours ago

    It depends on what you are going to grow in front of the brick. I would paint (masonry strain, etc.) the brick white like the soffit. Any perennials that don't over-winter well in your area will do well in front of the white brick, especially fig trees, rosemary, olive trees (if you are in Zone 8+).

    But if it is lawn, I would add a white frame of molding at the line between the green and the brick, paint the brick the same moss green, and then build some raised planters along the brick and paint them white as well. Plant some pink roses and your house will look stately and historical.

    Good Luck!

  • Femmaeve MacQueen-Rose
    Femmaeve MacQueen-Rose
    15 hours ago

    OR, you can just ignore the brick by building a wrap around deck that stretches around the house and then trellis between the deck and the ground. Plant some clematis and climbing roses and you're all set! Good Luck!

  • Johnavallance82
    15 hours ago

    Hello there,

    Darker Green sound okay with me or maybe Black or the colour of your roof, or Lightener and use a Paler green in Masonry Paint.

  • Diana
    Just now

    Same green as the house to give continuity. Avoid all the blocky look.

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