10 Reasons Why You Might Want to Bleach Your Old Furniture

Go light and natural. You won’t regret it.

By Hometalk Highlights

Transform a dark, outdated cabinet into a gorgeous statement piece

Install woven cane fronts to the doors, add metal legs, and bleach the whole thing.

Give your shiny cherry dresser a boho raw wood finish

Bleach it, then gently whitewash to protect that natural look.

Bleach a thrifted wood cabinet for a light, breezy look

This technique gets rid of the orange tones so popular in antique furniture.

Refinish a gorgeous arched cabinet with bleach

Paint the inside and shelves white to complete the lightened look.

Use bleach to remove outdated dark gel stain

Leave it as is, or re-stain it the color of your choice.

Bring nature in with gorgeous tree stump side tables

Clean and brighten these natural beauties with a bleach bath.

Give an old armoire a gray weathered wood makeover

Strip off the old wax finish, sand it down, wipe it with bleach, and apply accelerating stain.

Update old furniture with a rustic-modern raw wood finish

Speed up the process using wood bleach instead of household bleach.