10 of Our Favorite Makeovers of 2020

Looking back on a truly transformative year.

By Hometalk Highlights

Transform boring doors with plywood planks

Paint or stain them the color of your choice, and attach them to your own door with wood glue. 

DIY a striking wooden slat wall

Use some bold paint and plywood to create this gorgeous accent wall without breaking the bank.

Stencil your bathroom floor tiles for a gorgeous new look

I went for a detailed blue and white mandala pattern, but the options are endless.

Give an old vase a vintage pottery makeover

Use real dirt for an authentic, earthy look.

Revamp a chaotic closet with stylish wallpaper and a painted door

Put in a small dresser, shelves, and pretty baskets for organized storage.

Paint an outdated dresser to look like funky fabrics

Use random hooks, ropes, and knobs for whimsical, mismatched drawer pulls.

Give tired old bar stools a farmhouse chic makeover

Freshen caning with chalk paint, apply white wax to wood, reupholster, and use jute rope for cording.