20 Beautiful Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

Use mirrors to add light, class, and the illusion of space.

By Hometalk Highlights

Celebrate the celestial cycles with a mirrored moon phase wall hanging

Trace the shape of the moon phase onto a small round mirror using a black permanent marker.

Install a gallery wall of mirrors in your master bathroom

Scour antique malls, thrift shops, and cheap retail stores for a collection of framed mirrors in different sizes and shapes.

DIY this gorgeous aged mirror in a window pane frame

Use paint stripper and bleach for that dreamy antique effect.

Dress up your table with an elegant mirror box centerpiece

Fill it with potted succulents for the perfect balance of class and nature.

Go boho with a DIY sunburst mirror

Weave a macramé cord border through wooden dowel sunbeams.

Construct a stunning coffee table from picture frames and mirrors

Get a mix of frames in different styles and sizes for a more interesting look.

Upcycle an old tire into a funky wall mirror

Spray paint it a bold color for an extra pop of fun.

Turn a glass tabletop into a faux vintage mirror clock

Use a combination of water, Looking Glass spray paint, paper towel, and black spray paint to get that antique mirror effect.

Use wall paper and mirrors to create a truly impressive tree wall

Etch a bark texture onto your mirrors and paint the leaves green with alcohol ink.

Brighten your space with a sunburst mirror

Create sunbeams from paper straws cut to different lengths.

Paint mesmerizing accent mirrors using alcohol ink

Mix a few colors together for swirly, dreamy wall décor.

Go bold with a faux amethyst mirror frame

Purple borax crystal add gorgeous color and texture to your wall.

Stash your valuables on the back of a dollar store mirror

No one will know there is a secret puzzle tin hiding behind your décor.

Bring nature indoors with a breathtaking live edge mirror

Use Loctite to secure your walnut wood to the plywood backing and mirror.

Add character to your walls with a faux antique mirrored window pane

Your reflection will look like a vintage portrait.

Brighten a plain mirror frame with a colorful, tribal design

Use a white paint pen to add details to pastel squares of color.

Celebrate the beauty of nature with a gorgeous geode framed mirror

Secure geode slices to hardware cloth using floral wire and hot glue