Asked on Jan 21, 2021

Update outside of officebuilding?

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My office building needs help, so out dated. I have a small budget to work with, so any suggestions would be appreciated for an outside of building refresh

What colors would be good for doors?

Door colors?

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  • Chloe Crabtree
    Chloe Crabtree
    on Jan 21, 2021

    You could add shutters to the windows and I would add a couple of pots with green plants in them.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jan 21, 2021

    Paint the doors for a pop of color, add shutters, and a few large potted plants.

    on Jan 21, 2021

    Another vote for pots with plants! Maybe windowboxes? The interest and life they'd bring would do wonders! Even artificial greenery would work well. :)

  • Vimarhonor
    on Jan 21, 2021

    Hello. Agree with the above posters. Planters with colorful annuals or flower flowering draping plants would be lovely. If you didn’t wish to do planters that would you take up space you might want to consider window boxes which would be a surface installation. Also a new door color and a welcoming doormat the options to consider.

  • Janice
    on Jan 21, 2021

    Hi Deana, That's a nice looking building. Just painting the doors with a pop of color could add a lot. Also, add a kickplate to the door on the right similar to the left door. A large potted plant in the corner near the right door (if there's not a door on that right wall that we can't see. General pressure wash of the concrete entrywway would be suitable. Maybe even paint parking stoppers a contrasting color. Potted planters would be great if you're sure they will survive and not be removed :(.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    on Jan 21, 2021

    Totally agreed on the idea of adding big pots for plants! You could use silk plants too so they're not any maintenance. If the budget includes enough paint you could white wash the brick. I would definitely paint both doors and add a kick plate the door on the right so it matches the door on the left. Replacing the bench with a longer bench that includes planters on either side would look nice too. If budget allows painting out the parking "stoppers" (sorry don't know their actual name) in white would also help freshen it up.

  • Robyn Garner
    Robyn Garner
    on Jan 21, 2021

    I agree with the others and would add:

    Paint window trim white

    Reseal the parking lot

    Consider boxing in the brick columns with wood

    Remove signs/blinds from all windows and clean. Replace blinds with privacy film

    White washing or German smear the brick

  • Jan Clark
    Jan Clark
    on Jan 21, 2021

    If you're leasing this space, obviously you can't do a lot of exterior stuff. However, you need color and some life. Is that window yours? Can you change the blinds or hang something relevant to your business in that window that is colorful and eye catching? Can you get a potted something (silk or real) that you can set outside your door and bring in when you're closed? Could you add a light string to it? Think small and big at the same time. Hope that helps.

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on Jan 21, 2021

    you could make or buy window boxes and add plants for a pop of color- add shutters you can make or buy those as well and paint the doors an inviting color add some green plants by the door and a welcome door mat

  • Marty Ayers
    Marty Ayers
    on Jan 21, 2021

    The white trim does nothing to accent the color of the brick. A dark color, like black could make a big difference.... you could try printing out several pictures of the building... use colored markers or crayons to color in the doors and trim... navy, dark green, teal, etc... could be just what is needed... your brick looks more tan/gray than red/orange.... so a color on the opposite side of the color wheel might be best.

    You could also look at one of the "color story" booklets at the paint store (choose ones that have a base color similar to your brick color).. the colors would all compliment each other and work together. Once you have a color you like... then try paint samples to get the right variation.

    Planters could be as simple as a galvanized horse trough (painted if you need to) they come in lengths from 3 foot to 8 foot...and depths from 1 foot to 2 feet (widths are usually 24 inches) a 48in long X 24in deep X 24 in wide normally costs about $90 depending on where you buy it. They are not breakable like ceramic, not susceptible to sun rot like plastic and last a long time. you could install or have installed a drip system (with timer) that could run along the awnings and posts instead of on/in the ground. This would help with plant maintenance.

    Go to your LOCAL nursery to choose plants and flowers, they will know what will perform best under the conditions, (heat and sun exposure, etc) in your specific area... most big box stores often get their plants from out of state... just show them a picture of your building. and they can help you choose what would compliment it the best... Please post after pictures... so we can see what you chose

  • Mogie
    on Jan 21, 2021

    We got our driveway paved this summer. Looks great (all we had was gravel before). To help at night we are going to put solar motion sensing lights along the drive but project isn't finished yet.

    Some color added with plants would help.

    My dad had a vapor light that came on every night a dusk. Good lighting makes people feel safer.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    on Jan 22, 2021

    A few ideas... add shudders, paint the door, flower boxes for the windows, standing planters by door, hanging plants, colorful door mat that matches your branding.

  • Rymea
    on Jan 22, 2021

    It would help to know if you own the building or are renting one of the spaces but I don't think it looks that bad. The doors should match and one has a kick plate and the other doesn't. Black doors would look more modern.

    A large potted plant in the right corner might look nice as long as someone will water it. A dead or dying plant would look worse than none at all. A large planter will need a couple of gallons of water once a week and unless you live in a frost free zone you couldn't leave it out over the winter. And personally, I hate artificial plants.


  • Prose
    on Jan 22, 2021

    Make It match, Same doors w/ some color, don't have to be red any color you like. Windows the same shudders would be ok, not window boxes its not a hart. Top coat on parking lot would do A lot. shudders and doors should be same color.

  • Sharon
    on Jan 22, 2021

    Yes I would repaint the doors and trim in a more modern color even black would make it pop. Maybe a couple large black planters with flowers.

    And I would get a company to refresh your asphalt drive/parking lot area cause it looks tired and is deteriorating.

  • Annie
    on Jan 23, 2021

    You could pressure wash and re-grout the brick, new door/frame and matching window trim. Needs a bit of color...

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    on Jan 23, 2021

    I'd spruce it up with a little color by adding pots with some bright annuals, maybe a newer bench outside or 2 chairs and a round table. Maybe match all of the window frames to the same colors of the doors (white). You could add a more colorful welcome sign. Also, get rid of any of the weeds.

  • JS
    on Jan 24, 2021

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  • Catherine Deirdre Rodden
    Catherine Deirdre Rodden
    on Jan 25, 2021

    I see that your sign looks like it has navy colored print. I would say to paint the doors a deep navy blue and maybe add shutters to match. Even if they get sun bleached, they'll still look blue. If you choose to add plants, I'd go with simple potted arborvitae. You can always add hanging colored eggs for spring, fake flowers in summer, mini pumpkins in fall and colored balls at holidays. Keep it simple - this is a business and you don't want people with allergies wondering if they can make it past your entry without a sneeze attack. Once you paint the doors and add shutters, your white bench will look all the more inviting.

  • Marion Nesbitt
    Marion Nesbitt
    on Jan 26, 2021

    Building looks in good shape. Don't know what kind of business you have. I like the white doors and trim - sends a message of "clean". Shutters would enhance the window to the right but i see vents near the top??? Would stick with white. Needs a punch of colour accent. ..... there's a big concrete pad near the right window. This is where I'd put a really huge urn and plant large colourful seasonal flowers - real or artificial. Large urn could be used for a lighted Christmas tree at the appropriate time.

  • Ann
    on Jan 26, 2021

    Pair of shutters on the big window. Not sure if smaller window will allow enough space for shutters. Paint door and shutters black. Add planters like others have said.

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