Pink Desk Furniture Makeover

3 materials
5 Hours

I saw this desk at the thrift store with the most unique hardware and I knew with a little love it could be so pretty!

The first thing I did was remove the hardware and give it a good cleaning with Krud Kutter and then rinsed it down.

The top was pretty scratched up so I sanded it down completely. I used an orbital Bosch sander. It’s super affordable and something very useful for future projects and it hooks right up to our shop vac. I used 120 grit sandpaper, and I went back over the top with 220 grit to make it really smooth.

I scuff sanded the rest of the piece meaning I just knocked the finish down and gave the piece some tooth.

I did a color swatch meaning I took an old sample of paint I had to Home Depot and had them match it with their Behr Decorative Chalk paint. I painted two coats and was surprised as I thought I would surely need three and used a sanding pad In between coats to keep it super smooth.

Next I just misted the middles of the drawers with a water bottle and added a little white paint for a highlight. I used Barkeepers friend to shine up the hardware.

Here are the sanding pads I used to hand sand in between coats. These are great and reusable. Just wash them out and reuse.

The final step in painting a piece with chalk paint is sealing it. I used Behr Decorative Wax and a wax brush. I worked it in sections and removed the excess with blue shop towels.

I added that unique hardware back and gosh she turned out better than I ever imagined.

The completed look

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Suggested materials:

  • Behr chalk paint and wax   (Home Depot)
  • Zibra brush   (Home Depot)
  • Sanding pads   (Ace hardware)

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