How to even out color of honed marble mosaic?


After tiling my bathroom floor with honed marble mosaic, it was weird that the next day, some of the tiles dried white & gray (like in the package) and others had a tan/darker color. This wouldn't be so bad either way but this looks so bad with two different colors. In addition to this, as you can see in the picture, it's right in the doorway! Is there a way to either lighten up the darker tiles or darken the whitish areas? I haven't sealed because I'm not sure if there is a remedy for this.

q how to even out color of honed marble mosaic
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  • Tracy C Tracy C on Feb 02, 2021

    Where do you suggest applying the enhancer? On the dark or the white. The tile is supposed to be the whiter color and I think it would enhance the gray veining but I don't think that product would get rid of the browning/darker tiles. What do you think about my assumption?

    • Flipturn Flipturn on Feb 02, 2021


      No, do not apply an enhancer. It will not change the color of the tiles. It will only make the color they look now 'come out stronger'.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Feb 02, 2021

    I have been trying to look at the photo to determine if the grout has anything to do with the issue. What did you clean with afterwards? It almost appears there is a dark film on some of the tile and it is a tan color. Is it possible there is some residue from the grout?

    When did our bathroom tile, we cleaned with muratic acid. You can dilute it. I've even seen a 5:1 water:muratic acid tile cleaning for heavy build up and soap scum.

    • Tracy C Tracy C on Feb 03, 2021

      We hadn't even grouted yet! Just waiting for the adhesive to dry but after 2 days we realized it had to be dry....just never came up to the white/gray we we expected. Another customer in the reviews had this very same problem. We think it must have been a different dye lot because we had to purchase at two different HD's. There is NO dye lot number on these tiles so how could a customer ever know until installation! Honed marble is not shiny and these tiles are clean. I was thinking of sealing the next batch before installing to make sure none of them turned this crappy brown color but they said to just wiping with water would do the same thing. We unpackaged 25 new tiles and did that, let them dry for two hrs. and did a dry layout. So far so good and there's still about 10 more hrs. drying time left.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 02, 2021

    Here's a link to help you understand the variation in colors of your tiles:

    We went through the same problem when the contractor came in and was about to tile our living room/dining room. He took apart the boxes of tile and saw the same situation as you have. We bought the tiles from a discount outlet. What ended up happening was we took the tiles back before they were installed. Then we went to Lowes and bought a better product that matched. We also learned to watch out for lot number changes, there will be slight variation there.

    I agree, there may not be a remedy for your tiles having a variation, you might try contacting the manufacturer of your honed marble tiles and ask if there is anything you can do. Have the lot number ready. Best to you.

    • Tracy C Tracy C on Feb 03, 2021

      Hi, these tiles did NOT have a lot number and we inspected carefully taking a look at each sheet of tile, making sure they had no chips or cracks and liked the color variation (some have more gray than others but not weird brown). We did contact the manufacturer (Daltile) and Home Depot filed a claim for a refund that also included the pictures and samples of the strange browinish tiles. All these tiles looked great together until they got wet then dried with 1/2 of them staying that weird brownish color. We ended up taking up the tiles and buying more from a HD that had enough for our floor. Installed last night and looks good so far and definitely better than the first time.

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Feb 02, 2021

    I think that you may have gotten tiles from different die lots. It's super important to be certain to get all the same die lot or you can end up with mismatched tiles, wood flooring, etc. See if you can figure out the die lot of the majority of your tiles and purchase more to replace the mismatched areas.

    • Tracy C Tracy C on Feb 03, 2021

      Hi Robyn, yes that is probably it but it started with Daltile NOT having a dye lot on the boxes of tile. Believe me, I know because I am a seamstress and I am very aware of that. We took it all up and bought 25 sq. ft of new tile from a HD that had enough. Thanks for answering.

  • Deb K Deb K on Feb 02, 2021

    Hi Tracy, you may be able to lessen this look with a deep cleaning and a sealer,

    hope this helps you out, If you do decide to sealer your shower or if y ou have a white marble shower, then SenGuard Permanent Stone Sealer is the best sealer for the job. It can be applied to both the tile and grout. Or applying a standard quality impregnating sealer will work too but you just have to reapply it periodically.

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    • Deb K Deb K on Feb 03, 2021

      That's great!!

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Feb 02, 2021

    I would contact the tile company that made them to ask them what to do

  • Tracy C Tracy C on Feb 02, 2021

    Hi, unfortunately for us, we had to tear up the floor. HD was great and filed a claim with Datile for a refund. I had to show receipts of course, pictures and samples to show that it was much more that subtle variations but that was the easy part. We've bought 25 new tiles (all from the same HD), then took them home, took off the outer wrap and sponged them with water. Waited 2 hours to see if any dried the weird color! Yay, now we are dry-fitting them so we are sure to like the outcome since each tile has it's own unique coloring. I think other than going through this installation again and laying out more money until we get the refund, it will be beautiful. Thanks for your advice Cheryl, you were right.

  • Dee Dee on Feb 02, 2021

    Tracy so glad HD stood by their product for you. I was going to recommend going back to the store because several years ago I had a problem with tiles I purchased from Lowes being defective. And they were put down. We actually had to take them off the bathroom floor and bring the defective tiles back. They refunded my money because I too had receipts. Interesting fact they were DalTile too.

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    • Dee Dee on Feb 03, 2021

      You are so very welcome Tracy. Let me know how the floor comes out.

  • Unexpected Elegance Unexpected Elegance on Feb 03, 2021

    There is a lot of good information here:

  • I answered your other question but will answer here too. There isn’t a way to lighten marble as it’s a natural material, it is what it is, as far as I’m aware. I suspect this is how it’s meant to be unless something was used that inadvertently stained it or reacted with it. Marble is porous and absorbent. Honestly I think it looks good varied but that’s just me. Reach out to the tile store.

  • Annie Annie on Feb 08, 2021

    You may be able to stain the whole surface. You could try this....

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