Asked on Feb 19, 2021

How to prep a semi-gloss drawer for ballon smashing

BetsyLoriMaura White


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  • Redcatcec
    8 days ago

    I would put the drawer in a contractor's grade plastic bag and seal the bag shut.

  • I think we may need more details in your question. I’m a bit confused.

  • Maura White
    Maura White
    7 days ago

    What are you putting in the balloon? Chalk dust? Assuming this is for a gender reveal? I guess it depends on what you are filling the balloon with to tell you how to protect the drawer. But covering in plastic as mentioned above would help!

  • Lori
    7 days ago

    Sorry, baloon smashing is pooling differnt colors of acrylic paints then dipping a blown up baloon into it, redip smash, redip, smash. Beautiful . Just wanted to know if I could do it on a semi-gloss piece of wood rather than canvas

  • Betsy
    7 days ago

    Hi Lori: You could do it, but if you have a glossy surface, the paint won't stick. You would either have to prime it or sand it lightly so that the paint will have something to 'grab' onto.

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