Beautify a bookcase with an arched design

Give a much needed pop of color to your bland bookcase with green wallpaper backing. Get tutorial here

Enhance the details on an ornate dresser

Transform an old, ornate thrifted dresser into a showstopper with some deep green chalk paint. Get tutorial here

Create bright accent side tables

Make the perfect statement pieces with some green paint and beautiful stain. Get tutorial here

Refresh an antique dresser

Mix together paint and powder to get the exact shade you are looking for. Get tutorial here

Add gold feet to an updated cabinet

Elevate your piece of furniture to the next level with gold hardware and feet for stunning results. Get tutorial here

Distress an antique farmhouse chair

Bring an old chair back to life with bright green paint, and distress it for the perfect finishing touch. Get tutorial here

Redecorate a bright little cabinet

Embrace the chippy green paint on your little upcycled cabinet, and add a lovely transfer directly to your newly painted backing. Get tutorial here

Redesign your side tables with extra molding

Go bold with color and add some moldings for extra detail to make beautiful French Provincial side tables. Get tutorial here

Revamp your table with distressed paint

Eat in style at your beautifully revamped kitchen table. Get tutorial here

Transform your bathroom with bright colors

Paint your vanity your favorite shade of green to transform your bathroom completely. Get tutorial here

Make over your cabinets with a slatted design

Update your boring builder grade bathroom vanity with a fun slatted treatment on the front.  Get tutorial here

Put up an incredible textured wall

Get a modern tropical vibe in your bedroom with a stunning bright green wall. Get tutorial here

Transfer gorgeous flowers onto your dresser

Stick a flower transfer sheet to your bright green dresser for a gorgeous new piece of furniture. Get tutorial here

Line the backing of a hutch with wallpaper

Make over a hutch with some paint and detailed stenciled backing for an elegant piece of furniture to display in your home. Get tutorial here

Give your bed frame a velvety appearance

Use green chalk paint to add character and vintage charm to your bed frame. Get tutorial here

Transform a drum table with a touch of green

Take a drab piece of furniture and turn it into something that fits your home perfectly. Get tutorial here

Paint your wall a moody green color

Get a modern vintage feel in your bathroom with an elegant dark green wall. Get tutorial here