Coat closet redo ideas?


I have a coat closet right at the entrance. We live in a condo. Picture shows what it looks like today. We just renovated our house, so some items that don't belong anywhere are in here, including the items that normally go in a coat closet. The other picture is a hand drawing of what I would like to make with wood.. a three layered shoe rack with 10 x 10 cubbies, and a talk shelf/rack which will have 10 x 10 cubbies. Both will have adjustable shelves sometimes making the cubbies 5 x 10 for smaller/thinner shoes/items. Drawing is not perfect, but shows what I am thinking.

The closet is 36" wide and 24" deep. Height from the floor to the hanger rod is 64".

Should I spend money on 200% over-priced lumber or do something else?

q coat closet redo ideas
q coat closet redo ideas
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