How to Paint a Decorative Ceiling Border

3 materials
2 Days

My client wanted something very subtle and elegant for her bedroom.

This is the finished look. I painted the walls with a soft faux texture and then added some gold veins.

For the border, after I showed her the design, I made myself some stencils.

By doing just one side you can just flip it and get the other side the same.

So you just trace the design onto the wall using a chalk.

Then, you trace the small flower in the middle.

I used the paint she had from the ceiling which was a little darker than the walls and mixed it with some glaze.

I then used gold acrylic paint mixed with some glaze and painted the other section. I used a sponge to dab it so that it could even it out.

Then I outlined the design with white paint.

Finally, I mixed some glaze with a little drop of black paint to create like a shadow effect or to give it some depth/definition in one area.

Once you brush some paint, you dab it with the sponge to spread it and make it smoky.

Once it was finished, I added little gems for an added elegance.

And that's it. She was happy.

Suggested materials:

  • Acrylic paint   (had it)
  • Glaze   (had it)
  • Gems   (Michaels)

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