Suggestions for a substitute for the euonymus and nandina?


This is in north metro Atlanta.

An acquaintance who's a landscape architect very kindly drew this for me to give me ideas for plantings to "pretty up" my subdivision's new sign. I don't want to ask him to change anything since he was nice enough to quickly sketch this out for me.

I'd suggested the nandina since I have some volunteers in my yard and also the pampas grass because I wanted something with movement to attract more attention to our sign which is a good bit smaller than the previous one. However, a neighbor who's helping with this is adamant about not using the nandina since they pop up everywhere. I'm OK with it because they can just be mowed.

But what I worry about is the euonymus. I read about the winter creeper and that seems way more of a maintenance problem since they creep and spread and can even become vertical vines. We need nearly maintenance-free plantings. The sign has 3 colors -- darkish blue, white and a very bright green, so the euonymus is perfect to pick up the bright green in the sign. I thought maybe using variegated liriope might work there as a low border instead AND the variegated doesn't spread like the solid green does. Any ideas to replace the nandina and the euonymus?

q any suggestions for a substitute for the euonymus in this picture
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