Asked on Apr 22, 2021

How to hang floating shelves on shiplap PART TWO

FadduKathy Gunter LawEm


This is a continuation of an another post I started. Seth, if you are reading this, I accidentally clicked on resolve and it closed the thread :(. Sorry! Link to old post

Recap, trying to hang wood shelves on this shiplap using rod brackets. I drilled holes into the wood so it's supposed to just slide in. Was having trouble finding the studs and the holes you see in the pic, I drilled too deep so the screws in the brackets were not screwing in.

So I used a magnetic stud finder to look for the studs in the baseboards, instead of removing the baseboards. The magnets stuck at two parts on the baseboard. It did not stick on the edges of the wall. So is it safe to assume this is the center of the stud?

On a 44 inch wide wall, is it safe to say there are only two studs?

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