How To Cover Outdoor Cushions In Easy Peasy Steps

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Want to save thousands of dollars, learn how to cover outdoor cushions in 5 easy steps.

How To Cover Outdoor Cushions

I have always wanted to make my own covers for my outdoor cushions but thought it was too much work. I had to come up with a solution fast because my cushions were looking very dingy. I tried sheets to cover the old cushions but the sheets kept coming off. After some research I had an idea. A few years ago I made some envelope covers for my decorative pillows. The covers took me only 15 minutes to make. How about if I made a large version of an envelope cushion? Could that work. I tested it with some leftover fabric and it worked great. I just needed to come up with a formula for much larger cushion.


Outdoor Fabric: I used a neutral color that would go with everything

Sewing Machine: Make sure your sewing machine has the ability to automatically spin thread into the bobbin when it runs out. That saves a lot of time. I don’t think I could have done these covers with out this.

Scissors: Very sharp

Cutting Mat: Essential to keeping everything nice and even.

How To Cover Outdoor Cushions
  1. Start with measurement formula. I measured the width and length of the cushions. The width for the back cushions and seats were all the same 32 inches. The length was different for each set of cushions. One was back and the other was seat. The seat measured 64 inches. The back cushion measured 48 inches. I added 2 inches for length for both the back and seat cushions. With the cutting mat I made sure the measurements were cut straight.

2. Once you cut the measurements. Position the cushion on the center of the fabric along the width so when you are facing it the wider part is stairing at you. Fold over the fabric on both sides to create an opening in the middle.

3. Once you fold over the fabric to form the opening where the cushion is inserted through, you will need to sew an inch seam on both sides of the width. Pin if needed and sew away.

After sewing the seams put the cushion back on center of fabric inside out fold over fabric to form opening.

4. Next pin the sides. Start with one side and sew. Once you finish sewing one side insert the cushion to make sure everything is fitting perfectly. Once the cushion is nice and snug, you can take the cushion out and sew the other side.

This is a great opportunity to pin to fit on each side.

5. Once both sides as sewn you are ready to turn the fabric to the correct side and insert your cushions.

Now you can tuck the 4 sides inward to form a nice round edge.

I am beyond proud of myself. The oversized envelope covers turned out great. It’s a easy way to get covers for your outdoor cushions without spending a fortune. I got a quote for custom cover which was 2 oversized chairs like mine which included 4 cushions total came out to $750. I have a total of 10 cushions total which would be close to $2000. The fabric for my cushions only cost me $300 for 15 yards through Fabric Guru. It costs me 12.97 a yard. Each cushion was around 11/2 to 2 yards.

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