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How to repair 800 series pine interior doors?

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I have two beautiful lassie dogs that have clawed up 5 interior 6 panel knotty pine doors. Any ideas for covering these sins up? Too much damage to use wood filler I think--was thinking of using a peel and stick kind of idea, has anyone tried this kind of fix? Any suggestion DIY'rs? Thanks a ton

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  • Michelle Leslie
    Michelle Leslie
    2 days ago

    Hi Coco, peel, and stick will work as long as the tiles or wallpaper you use is really thick and high quality. You may find that some of the damage is too deep and those will need to be filled with wood filler first. You could also try vinyl floor tiles. Enjoy your lassie dogs

  • Redcatcec
    2 days ago

    Since there is too much damage for wood filler to do the job by itself, then if you want to cover up the scratches, you'll have to fill in the areas where the damage is in order for the peel and stick tiles to work. Wood fill would work as a base for that. After applying and drying, you can sand the areas, watch for shrinkage.

    Have you considered putting up a veneer to match your pine? They are very thin sheets of wood and serve as a solid piece of wood.

  • For any peel and stick to work, you will need a smooth surface. If you don't think wood filler will work, bondo should do the trick.

  • have you thought painting them? If so you can hide lots of wood filler.

  • Short of replacing the doors, it seems some kind of filler might be the best route. Painting them will hide the filler.

  • Mogie

    A picture would be helpful so we can see the extent of the damage.

  • Dee

    You could glue Luan thin wood over the doors and stain. You do not want to make the doors too heavy that they will come off the hinges.

    A good vinyl wallpaper would work if you can somehow fill the holes. Since they are hollow doors you could use spray insulation and fill the holes, then sand and paint.

  • Deb K
    Deb K

    Hi Coco, here is a link on how to repair them, and how to cover them up

    Measure the area, then got to you local hardware store and buy a sheet of wall panel and cut to size, use two sided tp=ape to stick them on,

    Buy some faux peel and stick tiles that match your decor and put them on the lower part of the doors.

  • Em

    Cover with wallpaper mid way down. Any prepasted works well on wood. Get Home Depot to cut to size a panel of plexiglass ( they cut for free) to cover the paper. Drill holes in 4 corners and screw to door. Will not be able to scratch the paper off. You will have a pretty pattern on door and no more visible damage.

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    19 hours ago

    you would need to paint or repair them then you can use clear sheets of plexi glass to cover the bottom half of the door where the dogs jump and scratch

  • Vimarhonor
    17 hours ago

    Hello Are the doors to be painted or stained that might help decide the type of repair or refinish results.

    Personally I would fill them —perhaps using water putty. Taking the door off the hinges might be the best way to get a quality job filling and refinishing.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    Lifestyles Homes
    Just now

    Since the dogs are going to continue to scratch the doors and ruin most patch-types, then the doors have to be veneered in a sheet good, like Plexiglass cited above.

    Luan is too soft of a sheet good.

    Plexiglass would allow one to see the knotty line underneath, if you decide to not paint the patchwork.

    Other sheet goods can be used, like Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic panels.

    The gloss or sheen on the plastic will become scuffed from the dogs continued scratching. It can be buffed out with a DA Polisher.

    Stainless steel “kick plates” at that height would be cost prohibitive.

    Brass also and their scratches would break through the clear coat.

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