Refurbish your worn-out patio chairs

Add new foam cushioning and upholstery to your old patio chairs to make them look brand new. Get tutorial here

Fix your broken fence posts

Put your wooden fence posts in metal brackets, and set them in cement to prevent having to rip out concrete to fix a broken post in the future. Get tutorial here

Repair your torn screens

Replace your old patio door and window screens with new, clean ones for a nice, clear view of the outdoors. Get tutorial here

Wash your outdoor patio cushions

Sponge a soapy mixture onto your cushions, and then spray them down to avoid sitting on dirty cushions or having to buy new ones. Get tutorial here

Clean your concrete porch

Spray your concrete porch, and then scrub it with a broom to remove the dirt and grime from it. Get tutorial here

Wipe your mirrors and windows

Combine vinegar and rubbing alcohol to concoct a streak-free window cleaner. Get tutorial here

Organize your garage

Free up valuable space on your garage floor by installing rails to hang up your tools and equipment. Get tutorial here

Update your tattered sling chaise lounge chairs

Upcycle a broken trampoline mat to replace the fabric in your outdoor chaise lounge chairs. Get tutorial here

Put shade sails over your patio

Keep your patio out of the sun with shade sails so that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space without overheating. Get tutorial here

Replace your rattling door handle

Change your uPVC door handle that won’t stop rattling in just 2 minutes. Get tutorial here